6 Reasons You Should Add Custom Printing To Your Cardboard Boxes

6 Reasons You Should Add Custom Printing To Your Cardboard Boxes

So, you pack your products in cardboard boxes and want to stand out from your competition? That’s good. However, taking care of visual identity or graphic solutions in business is not usually considered a No.1 thing when you’re making your business outset. Nevertheless, branding and making your product packing original – has a major significance. We hope that after presenting the following six reasons – you will understand why it is important to devote yourself to graphic design and customization of your cardboard boxes from the very beginning of your business.

Packaging Design

Did you know that packaging design has the power to persuade a customer to buy in less than three seconds? According to recent research, about 70% of purchase decisions are made immediately in the store, which means that the three seconds in which a decision is made should not be neglected. Many manufacturers think the product and its performance are paramount – but packaging can play a vital role in the success or failure of selling a product. So the question is, is the design look of the product packaging so important? The answer is – absolutely YES!

Increase The Value Of Your Product

The design of your boxes adds to the value of your product by highlighting its features through a clearly defined visual form. Of course, we must not forget about custom printing as well. An effective cardboard box can help you to attract your customers to a specific product. It is a powerful tool that can set you apart from your competition. How? Very simple – a good cardboard package can draw the attention of buyers and add to the perceived value of your product. Also, a box like this can improve the protection, use or transportation of your product. However, the most important role of packaging is to single out your products from others, similar and competitive, on store shelves.

What Functions Does A Cardboard Box Have?

The packaging first has a useful function, which also can serve other purposes. For example, if a particular wine manufacturer packs a bottle into a nicely designed box that can serve other purposes – then customers will prefer to opt for a beautifully designed package. A particular attention is paid to the marketing function because with the development of industry and consumer habits – much investment is made in marketing. The packaging of each product is practically a shortcut to a faster decision to buy a product. Customers will prefer a product that has better graphic design, customized print or better packaging – even if the two products are of the same quality. In addition to visual communication, packaging also has an informative role. Therefore, the attractive packaging will soon draw consumers’ attention.

Why Use Custom Printing On Boxes?

Many aspiring individuals who want to grow their businesses put the most effort into building the product as well as website, store, e-sales or material acquisition. Just a few of them will start thinking about the packaging or the visual identity of the boxes in which they pack their products. The fact is – the cardboard boxes in which they are manufactured should have the same attention as all other factors in the business. There are many reasons for this. According to IMColorPrint, this helps you promote your brand. For example, opting for custom printed boxes will most certainly get your customers’ attention. We will give you 6 reasons why you should customize the print on your boxes, and how it can help your business.

1. The First Impression Is The Most Important

The first impression in every business is the most important, and you have only one opportunity for it. Whether it’s your website or the product description you offer – your customers will judge its quality based on what they see. Quality printing and graphic design gives your business credibility. Therefore, if you do not invest in the visual – no matter how good your product is – you will not attract anyone to discover it.

2. Design And Print Say A Lot About You

A print can speak more than a thousand words, and your cardboard box prints must say what you are doing. With the right choice of colors and shapes for your clients – it can be an association with the product or service you offer. For example, this is how the visual identity of a pizzeria is very different from the law firm. By the same logic, your business needs a design that captures the image of what customers can expect from you.

3. An Excellent Printed Box Makes Your Business Compelling

Good printing and design enable the branding of every visual element and develop a consistent image of your business. Professionals will use good print quality, precise colors, distinctive font and images for everything your business needs. This way, customers will have the same experience when they see a good product packed in a quality and beautifully printed box. One should adhere to this as one of the basic business postulates. Consistency symbolizes your professionalism – which will create an additional sense of confidence for your clients.

4. Creativity Is What Sets You Apart

If there is one thing that is common to all small businesses, it is the fact that they all face a lot of competition. To stand out, they try to differentiate themselves in price, services or new products. What can help them stand out – is the design and print on the packaging. A visual communication plan is something that should be designed in the beginning, and in addition to many other purposes, it also aims to be unique and differentiate you from the rest.

5. Custom Printing Pays Off

The design of the cardboard box should not just be appealing to the eye. Its role is to persuade clients and take advantage so that they choose to buy or make deals with you. Cleverly designed print on cardboard boxes can drive a visitor to action and greatly increase interaction with potential customers. An interesting print will make customers turn the other way, and investing in print on the boxes will bring visible results.

6. The Cost Of The Print Design Pays Off In The Long Run

When start-ups do not take the print design role seriously – it is mainly because they plan to deal with the visual aspect afterward because they consider it cosmetics. However, as we have found out, print design is extremely important right from the start. Creating packaging is one of the first things you need to solve. The value that you put into making your boxes look good is very small – given that you will use all the material for years and that it will set you apart from others. So, invest in print design, because that’s what is long-lasting.

15 Of My Favorite Cat Videos Of All Time

15 Of My Favorite Cat Videos Of All Time

Everyone knows that funny cats are the true keepers of the internet, but I think my love for cat videos went off the deep end last week when I couldn’t stop watching this footage of sliding kittens on repeat at the Frisky office while laughing hysterically to myself for days on end. I’m pretty sure the whole scenario looked like I’d suffered some kind of psychotic break, but seriously, life is stressful these days and kittens are just a really funny reprieve! Now I’m inviting you to join me on my feline YouTube journey, because who doesn’t need some kitties to unwind every now and then? After the jump, in no particular order, my current favorite cat videos of all time, presented without comment. You’re welcome.

1. Bobo The Vacuum-Loving Cat

2. Mitchiri0-Neko Cat March

3. Cat Stuck In A Hamster Ball

4. Cats Morphing Into Croissants

5. Kittens Inspired By Kittens

6. Real Cat Meets Ceramic Cat

7. Stupid Cat

8. Cat Massage

9. Confused Fluffy Kitten

10. Kittens In A Boot

11. Mama Cat Hugs Sleeping Kitten

12. Henri The Existential Cat

13. Maru Plays With A Box


14. Cat Greets His Human

15. Pudge’s Greatest Moments

6 Photo Editing Trends For 2024

6 Photo Editing Trends For 2024

Photo editing trends are influenced by several factors – the visual preferences and styles, the techniques people are using, as well as the artists’ ability to work with other design aspects, as well as small things such as the filters featured on social media applications and platforms. However, there are some editing trends that you should focus on during 2024.

If you want to learn what are the best photo editing trends you should follow during this year, you might find this article quite helpful since it will feature some of the top fads that you should definitely choose to follow in 2024. Let’s take a closer look at the article:

Tips And Tricks For Editing

  1. The Colors Should Be Vibrant And Bold

You might notice that a lot of people choose to use this trend already and that is why you should opt for stronger, more bright hues. It will definitely attract quite some attention and it will easily stand out from the crowd of the same images that are taken and posted every day.

By choosing stronger colors, you can easily attract attention to the subject – and this is exactly what you want if you want to get noticed. Of course, this does not mean that it should feature too many colors, especially since you might want to keep it natural – too much or too many colors won’t make the images look good.

  1. Black & White is Something You Should Focus on

Black & White portraits used to be extremely popular back in the day, however, all of the devices today produce images in color. That is why you might want to experiment with black & white by dragging the saturation tab to the left. Of course, you can also use various filters that will change the color.

If the colors featured cause people to be distracted, you should choose a black and white filter. Hence, if the images feature a lot of textures or high-contrast, or if they are portraited shots, opt for using these filters since it will make it look more expressive, as well as pleasant.

  1. If Shooting in Macro Mode, Zoom in

As you already know, macro photography requires people to shoot smaller objects such as flowers, fallen leaves, insects, and so on. Well, the one thing you should remember about this is that you can edit your macro images by cropping all the parts that distract people from the subject.

Once you crop it, you can also choose to resize it to be smaller, hence, it will be able to load faster if you need to post it on a website. Also, add highlights to the subject or details, and adjust the shadows. All of these things will definitely make your picture better and more professional. If you want to see what some editing experts can help you with, check out BackgroundRemover.

  1. Choose Subtle/Soft Effects And Filters

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook influenced people to use subtle and softer filters. Softening the picture will make it look more appealing, especially if the subject is, for example, a child or a small animal. It can make your pictures gentler and it can light up the subject.

Now, you can choose to use filters that can easily transform the entire concept. These filters will soften the light in the shots, hence, it will produce a little bit of a color cast. The muted tone in them will be subtle and it can easily create a specific feeling for the image you took.

  1. Expressionism Needs to Be Embraced With Open Arms

Photography has long been a tool for expressing an idea that comes to people’s minds – and this is something that is often referred to as expressionism. It does involve changing the reality of the original images, which means that you can add or take away some details that can make it otherworldly.

For example, if you are working on a project that revolves around living in a busy city, you can take a picture of a moving vehicle on the roads. Then, when you are editing it, you can add a motion blur effect that will allow the picture to truly show how it is to live in a fast-paced world.

  1. Vertical Images Are Back!

Vertical images are back, especially since people have been using their smartphones to take pictures quickly – and most of the time, their phones are in vertical positions. This is quite different from the pictures taken by a traditional camera such as an SLR where the orientation goes straight to horizontal.

You can easily change the orientation in all editing programs, and you can also resize the images, set new formats or sizes, and you can use the feature that will allow you to rotate the picture in any way that you want. Vertical pictures have a specific feel to them, so, when you are editing the pictures, ensure that you crop away anything that might be distracting.

Bonus Trend: 360° Photography is Becoming Increasingly Popular

Now, one of the biggest trends this year is probably going to be 360° photography. Whether you choose to photograph a panoramic view of a bridge or an amazing 360° view of a car, this photography type has incredible potential. It gained quite the popularity, especially since the photographer needs to turn while the camera captures everything.

With all the innovative tech, taking these pictures is quite easy. With specific devices, you can complete the process by using your smartphone. This fad aids with closing the gap between reality and photography, which is something all people strive to achieve in their pictures.


So, by following the tips and tricks from the article above, you will be able to bring your photographs to a new level. Not only will the tips make the photos look better, but more presentable as well. Hence, now that you know what trends you should follow, do not waste any more time, and start trying different trends right away.

How to Choose Longboards 2024 – A Guide for New Longboarders?

How to Choose Longboards 2024 – A Guide for New Longboarders?

If you are a newbie in longboarding, this article will be the best way to help you buy suitable boards. Or if you are already an expert, below tips, compiled from Longboardbrand.com website will also have things for you to keep on mind.

For those who first join this exploratory and challenging game, determining how to choose it is essential. So, we will provide you with the necessary information needed to pick appropriate products. First of all, you need to pay attention to some following characteristics to get the best choices.

Tips for choosing the best longboards for beginners

Picking the right longboards for beginners as well as the professional requires you to pay attention to details. There are two main points that we need to focus at most as followings:

  • Deck
  • Trucks


As the most significant of a board, the deck should not be ignorable when you consider buying new longboards.

Each brand produces the deck with the length, width, and curvature, which are different from others. For example, the Flip, Blind, or Girl brands often get their longboard decks, which are quite shallow.

Differences in length, width, and curvature of the deck surface depend on the style in which skaters play on the board. Besides, the brands also adjust these dimensions to match the structure design of models. As the Baker brand, they make the “OG shape” with the length and width of the first models but adding a deep curvature.


The more curved the deck ends are, the stronger the Pop force will be. The force helps you jump higher and perform ground-based techniques smoothly. If the two terms have a higher degree of power, the Pop will decrease, but it becomes more suitable for the Slide, Grind.


A longboard with its large surface is often easier to stand and balance. However, you may find a little bit challenging to flip or spin. This type will be suitable to play the Vert, Grind, Pools, and Ramps.

On the other hand, a longboard with its small board will be the best match for the Flip or Spin. But keeping balance seems not to be an easy task. Players tend to choose this type on the road or performing with complicated techniques.

To better understand, you can go to the size table to choose the correct one.

  • 7.5″ – 8″ in width

This is a standard size for those who want to do many longboarding techniques.

  • 8″ – 8.25″ in width

The right suitable for boarding in the Pools, Ramps, and Park’s techniques.

  • 8’’ in width

This is a size for the Vert, Pools, cruising, and sliding in the old-school style


We consider the truck as the second most crucial part of a longboard. It is a T-shaped piece of metal placed below two ends of the deck.

When choosing the truck, you should pick the one whose width is nearly the same as the width of the board.

The following table is a reference to size matching.

  • Truck 5.0 – Deck 7.4″ – 7.75″
  • Truck 5.25 – Deck 7.8″ – 8.0″
  • Truck 5.5 – Deck 8.1″ – 8.3″
  • Truck 5.75 – Deck 8.4″ – 8.6″ or even greater

The difference in size between the truck will significantly affect your longboarding. You also need to pay attention that the bigger the board is, the bigger the truck should be.

Top 3 of the best longboard for beginners

We talked about how to choose the longboard for beginners with the right deck and truck. Now, it is time to enjoy the top 3 of the ideal picks.

Our top 3 includes:

  1. Retrospec Zed Bamboo
  2. Yocaher Punked
  3. Atom

What can we find unique in these skateboards? Let’s explore.

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard

We will start with a bamboo longboard of the Retrospec Zed. The brand offers a wide range of options for styles and colors, too. I remember that there are 12 in total.

Its deck has a length of a 44-inch longboard with the perfect materials of bamboo and Canadian maple mix. The design shows eight-ply. It means that the construction is strong, with just the right amount of flex.

Yocaher Punked Longboard

The next longboard of the list is a Yoacher Punked of the Stained Pintail model. Experienced players consider this board as the ideal one for those who have first steps into the longboarding game.

Its well-made structure includes a 9-ply maple deck and a high-quality grip tape. Standing on this deck, you can feel a perfect control and flex, which will help to balance over the bumps.

How do you think about a 27-inch wheelbase? I find it with a stability reduction. However, it is not noticeable at all since the features still make the board an excellent cruiser for newbies instead.

Atom Longboard

On the market, Atom is one of the best favorite longboard brands of many players. And this Atom Drop Through 41 Inch is also in the list of their top recommendation for beginners.

The metal trucks dropped through the deck will give the boarders a lower center of gravity. Then you will get more stability.


You have enjoyed things about how to choose the best skateboard for beginners. Now, have you had your decision yet? We think that you have not yet. The consideration takes your time to get more information and reviews.

We hope that the article helps you pick up the right products. Good luck and have a happy shopping. See you in the next articles of amazing skateboards!

Different Types of Paints

Different Types of Paints

Different projects require different types of paints, and at least once in our lifetime, we will be in a situation in which we’ll have to make the right decision. Paint is something that exists for a very long time, and although the ones we have today cannot be compared to the ones people had in the past, this can both be a good and a “bad” thing at the same time.

Thanks to technology and science, we have special sorts of paint that are resilient to many different outdoor circumstances, so we can pick the type that’s most suitable for our project. For example, painting a vehicle is not the same as painting a wall, and those two paints have a very different formula that makes them distinctive from each other.

Some are made with water, others have a more “chemical” approach, but at the end of the day, every sort of paint has a special goal. We cannot say that one type is more useful than another, and they can all be used effectively depending on your situation.

In this article, we are going to let you know about some of the most popular types of paints that you can find in today’s market, as well as their most characteristic uses. We’ll help you learn which paint is used for what, and some of the best ways to tell the difference between them.

If you are eager to learn some more, either out of sheer curiosity or because you are currently required to find the best paint for your project, feel free to stay with us until the end. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the content.

1. Water-Based Paints


The lion’s share of divider paint sold nowadays is water-based, fundamentally since of its ease of utilize. On the off chance that your surface has been already coated with an oil-based item, be cautious when exchanging to water-based paint because it may have inconvenient staying. In this circumstance, Sherwin-Williams recommends washing the surface and after that roughening it all over with a medium to smooth coarseness sandpaper—making it clean, dry, and gloomy in arrange to anticipate peeling of the unused coat. For those occasions when an oil-based paint would customarily be ideal, but you want a water-based item, several companies have presented “waterborne finishes” or “waterborne alkyds.” These paints see and carry on much like oil-based alternatives since they have great leveling qualities for a smooth wrap up.

2. Acrylic Paints

This can be fair another term for water-based house paint, but the authoritative fixing within the paint is acrylic. Acrylic paint can be found in a few assortments counting acrylic latex, acrylic finish, or acrylic latex finish. Acrylic finish house paint is considered as such due to its solidness; it isn’t a blend of oil and water-based paint. Continuously counsel the names of the paint as not all paint contains latex or acrylic in spite of the name. Moreover, keep in mind that the higher the sparkle, the more blemishes will appear within the wrapped-up paint.

3. Cement Paint

According to Maler, this sort of paint fabric is utilized broadly to portray harsh brick dividers. And thus, this paint plays an imperative part within the exterior portray administrations Toronto. This paint is available within the frame of a powder that should be mixed with water sometime recently. Being tough and waterproof, cement paint is broadly utilized for portraying harsh surfaces within the outside of buildings. Other than that, with two coats of application of cement paints, it is conceivable to paint surfaces that are inclined to clamminess.

4. Cellulose Paints

Cellulose paint is created from celluloid sheets, amyl acetic acid derivation, and photographic movies. Attachment can be moved forward by including castor oil, and surfaces can be effectively cleaned and washed once the paint has dried. This sort of paint is characterized by its fast-drying, smooth wrap up and hardness, whereas advertising resistance to water, smoke and acids. Much obliged to its properties, cellulose paint is commonly utilized in cars and airplanes. The fundamental drawback of cellulose paint is its toll cost.

5. Aluminum Paints

Aluminum paints are made by blending finely ground aluminum with soul or oil varnishes. Soul varnish makes the drying period shorter and oil varnish gives a moderate drying office. So, varnish can be utilized agreeing to the requirement. This sort of paint is utilized for portraying woodworks, metallic surfaces, etc. The layer of paint is solidified by the dissipation of the soul or oil. Aluminum paint has numerous points of interest such because, it is waterproof, resistant against power, erosion, weathering, it can be unmistakable in dim and gives a great appearance.

6. Silicone Paints

Silicone paint could be an uncommon sort of coating in which alkyd tars are altered by including silicone. It has fabulous toughness, sturdiness, great resistance to splitting and scraped spot resistance caused by extreme temperature changes. It is generally utilized in upkeep paints for steel and concrete, outside enriching, marine paints, coatings on brass and aluminum, and as a heat-resistant, it is utilized in chimneys, broilers, etc. It repulses water on brickwork surfaces such as stone and brick.

7. Oil Paints

These paints have the white lead as a base. The oil paints are connected in three coats. The primary coat is called as a preliminary, at that point comes the undercoat and final coat shape the wrapped-up coat. Before the application of the same, linseed oil and colors are added. Oil paints can be of two sorts: tangle and gleaming wrap up. If the surface of the application is smooth a gleaming wrap up is suggested. In case the surface has undulations that cannot be secured by putty, it is exhorted to utilize tangle wrap up. The utilize shiny wrap up will make these undulations to be seen evidently. The oil paints are tougher that it takes time to dry totally. Cleaning the dividers painted by these is simple. Oil-based paints are made with either alkyd (manufactured) or linseed (common) oils.

The 10 Best “Golden Girls” Tattoos Ever

The 10 Best “Golden Girls” Tattoos Ever


Tattoos are indelible marks of devotion and dedication–especially when it comes to tattoos of “The Golden Girls.” Nothing says “I love feisty old broads in chic caftans” like having Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche and Rose emblazoned on your chest.

After the jump, nine more “Golden Girls”-inspired tats. If you need us, we’ll be eating cheesecake on the lanai.

Leg tattoo

Girls on the leg…

Arm Tattoo

..and on the arm.


With a golden light surrounding them..

Bea Arthur

A rabid fan thanks Bea for being there.

Betty White Breaking Out

Betty White makes like a rash and breaks out on the skin.


A touching tribute to our favorite gals

Ugliest Tattoos

The girls in their prime.

Stay Gold

Stay gold, Ponyboy. I mean, Blanche, Sophia, Dorothy and Rose.

Golden Girls

Imagine waking up to this every morning. Lucky guy.

Stone Engraving and Carving

Stone Engraving and Carving

Have you ever wondered how the stone carvings and engravings are made? If you are new to the business and you want to excel and be better than the competition, you have to get the best tools on the market.

Carving the stone is something that people have been doing since the beginning of time, ever since the people exist, the rock engraving exists.

However, now we are doing that in a faster and more sophisticated way that is letting us explore all possibilities and create pretty much everything that we can imagine. Here we are going to talk about the machines behind the engraving and carving, what they do and how to choose the best one for your type of business.

Mechanical Machines
The mechanical process of working on rocks and other hard materials will give you different results than the laser one. You should know that the difference is that the mechanical machines cut in-depth into the material, and the laser machines discolor the stone, and it gives it a bleached effect.

This process is used usually for engraving of headstones and after the process is complete, then a message can be glided or painted.

If you want to personalize or create jewelry, then you can do it with these machines. They work on almost any precious or natural stones and you can change the shape or do anything that you can imagine to create the perfect piece of jewelry.

If you are using a mechanical engraving machine, then you will need a cooling system to prevent premature tool wear and overheating. For small engravings, you can use air cooling, but if you want to cut deeper into the stone, then you will need continuous lubrication.

The most common use of mechanical machines is:

  • Engraving on granite and marble
  • Engraving on headstones and graves
  • Shaping of jewelry in precious or natural stone

Laser Machines

These machines are great! They can work on the hardest materials on the earth and if you use a laser you can create beautiful products.

Did you know that you can put letters, logos and photographic details on any type of material and have that piece for the rest of your life?

The way they work is that the machine is directly placed over the rock, but it does not come in contact with it. Then a beam of light hits and melts the surface. The laser is directed by a computer, so you can be as precise as you want to be. Because of this, people are able to put even the tiniest details in the material and CNC machines are used in this process.

However, you should know that the color of the rock may change because of the reaction of releasing oxidizes to oxygen. This is not very common when it comes to hard materials, but it can happen. The process can also be done on purpose if you want to get a new color with a practice called laser marking.

Polished slabs that have a really smooth surface will provide the best results. If you are using a material that does not have a flat surface, the final result will not be distorted by curves.

However, if you want to work on a rock that’s not really flat you will need to use support like modeling clay. Try to use an average value of the area so that the end result is as uniform as possible.

Stone Types

Pretty much all the materials can be changed with a laser CNC Router with different types available here or a mechanical machine. When it comes to laser machines, they are really effective with natural, dark and polished materials like marble, basalt, and granite. The more fine-grained and homogenous the stone is, you will get better results.

White marble is also good for this type of application and it will produce a white stone result. However, you should know that you cannot cut stones using a laser machine.

Other types of stones that can easily be changed and carved, include:

  • Ceramic, porcelain
  • Natural stone
  • Stone tiles
  • Salt crystals
  • Pebbles
  • Slate

Applications for Stone Engravings

The laser process is used to create a lot of different things. Some people even use the machines in their homes for their small home businesses. These machines allow you to be precise, so you are free to do anything that you could imagine.

Gift items and lucky charms are created with laser machines and this is one of the most common things why they are used. They are great for DIY projects as well, including arts and crafts.

You can even use them to create decorations for all seasons and the great thing is that they can be used both indoor and outdoor. The possibilities are limitless when you are working on hard materials that are durable.

Other applications include:

  • Headstones
  • Design
  • Stone tiles
  • Interior design

Tools and Gear

Before starting the carving or engraving process, you need to make sure that you are safe and protected. Always wear protective gear.

Depending on the thing you are doing you may need a dust mask that’s used for small jobs and gives you minimal protection against dust. If you want something better, that protects you a bit better from dust and silica, then you should choose a disposable respirator with N95+ filters. For the best protection, you should choose a full or half-face respirator with N95+ filters.

Always wear protective goggles over your eyes and don’t forget to put heavy-duty gloves while handling the material.

For carving the stone you need a particular set of tools. If you want to invest in it and if you are serious about your business, then you want to get a carving kit.

You can find them starting from $30 and it all depends on the tools the kit has and the quality of them. The three things that are a must are hammer (usually soft hammer), chisels and files. You cannot get anything done without these 3 tools. You can get them on Amazon or at home gardening companies and local art stores.

Make sure you know what type of material you are dealing with so you know what type of gear and tools to get.

Have you ever tried to use any of these machines? If you want to become a professional in carving hard materials, then you need to know that practice makes perfect. Have patience and use the best machines to get the needed result.

Why Students Need Art

Why Students Need Art

Art is so important for education, even though there is an increasing focus on overlooking it – here are the reasons it’s pivotal to a good, balanced learning experience

#1: Creativity

Creativity may seem like a easy thing when it comes to art in education, but art is a means of expression for a child in a greater way than science or math could ever allow. According to the Washington Post, in arts programs, children are asked to recite monologues or design a painting that represents one of their memories. If a child has the practice to think creatively, it will come instinctively at that point and in their future career.

#2: A Higher Level Of Academic Performance

Contrary to popular belief, the arts do not develop a child’s creativity exclusively – the skills acquired in the arts will spill over to academic achievement. According to PBS, a scientific report by Americans for the Arts indicates that young people participating regularly in art (approximately three hours per day for three days per week throughout one year) are four times more likely to be identified as high academic achievers, to participate in a science and math fair, or win an award for writing a poem or essay than young people who do not engage in art programs.

#3: Improved Motor Skills

Improved motor skills apply mostly to children who play an instrument or do art. The simple elements, such as holding a paintbrush or using a crayon, are essential to developing a child’s fine motor skills. Experts at the National Institutes of Health state that developmental milestones around the age of three should include the use of safety scissors and drawing a circle; however, at age four, the child should be able to begin cutting straight lines and draw a square.

#4:  Increased Confidence

It is a well-known fact that mastering a subject can increase a student’s self-confidence, but there is something special about participating in arts programs. Standing on a stage and singing or playing an instrument allows children the change to step outside of their comfort zone and engage with the world.  As they increase their skills and view their progress, a child’s level of self-confidence will steadily increase.

#5:  Improved Visual Learning

Young children benefit greatly from painting, drawing and sculpting in the art as this helps to develop their visual-spatial skills. According to the Art and Design Department Head at Northern Illinois University, Dr Kerry Freedman, children need to experience more about the world than what they are able to learn via numbers and text. Freedman feels that art education teaches children how to use the information, interpret it, criticize it, and make informed choices based on it.

#6:  Decision Making

Believe it or not, participating in the arts can strengthen one’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills. For example, a child can question how to express a feeling via dance or which character they should play using a specific acting technique. Learning to make these decisions and choices will spill over into other parts of their life, such as education. It is considered a highly valuable skill in adulthood.

#7:  Perseverance

Speaking from personal experience, I know that the arts are a challenging field. When I was attempting to learn and master the clarinet, there were numerous times when I was so frustrated I was at the brink of quitting; however, I did not. After a lot of hard work and practicing, I learned that perseverance can pay off in the end. This perspective will matter as a child grows, particularly if they opt for a career where they will require continuous development of new skills through difficult projects.

#8:  Improved Focus

As a person perseveres to finish a painting, learn a new speech in a play, or learn a new song – focus is the key word. Focus is essential for all areas of learning and studying, but it is also important later on in life when looking at careers.

#9:  Collaboration

The majority of arts, such as theater, choir and band, require children to work together. In this situation, they need to share responsibilities and compromise to achieve the overall goal. Children learn that a contribution to the group is required for success, even if they do not have a lead role or hold the solo.

#10:  Accountability

Similar to collaboration, children in the arts learn they are accountable for the contributions they make to the group. For example, if they mess up, they realize that they must take responsibility for the failure. Mistakes are part of life, and learning to accept the errors will help one move along successfully.

What Is So Good About The Wish Promo Codes

What Is So Good About The Wish Promo Codes

For the past few decades the internet has been growing and now it has come to be the biggest marketplace out there. Whatever you would like to buy you can find it on the internet, and for low and reliable prices. Of course exactly because of this huge offer you should be taking extra caution not to get scammed, or tricked into buying low-quality products but with the right research and knowing what you need you are safe.

Now, there are tons of online websites offering a wide range of products – from jewelry and apparel to watches, home décor, books, high-tech devices, etc. The fact the offer is so wide allows for the items selling online to be much cheaper than you would find in the retail stores. And another benefit is that you don’t have to worry if they have your size and fit, as once ordering online that can’t be a problem. In the end, there is no waiting in line, and you save much needed time and energy. Most online websites offer promotional discount codes – from time to time people get the option to use those and buy certain products at over a 50% lower price. Now, not all the codes are legit, and some expire pretty fast, but apparently, people have been really satisfied with the wish promo codes. Well, let’s take a look at what are these and what items can you buy under huge discounts using the same!

How To Use A Promo Code On Wish.com

What Are Wish Promo Codes And How Do The Same Work

Wish shopping app has been taking the internet by the storm, and with over 400 million existing users it surely is the most popular one out there. Now, using this shopping app that is available both for iOS and Android, you are likely to run into wish promo codes almost on a daily basis. The discounts offered using these are unbeatable, and it almost makes us as a question how doesn’t the Wish company go bankrupt. But apparently, they have their own calculations, and it seems it’s working for now. Most of the promo codes last a day, or a few so be ready at any time to hop in and get the most out of it.

There are tons of promo codes – from those offering a 50-70% discounts on products to the ones that give you a 100% shipping discount. The way you use it is once you pick an item over the Wish shopping app, you go to the cart type in the digits of your promo code and boom you pay much less than you should of in the first place!

What Are The Most Discounted Items

Now, as holidays are coming promo codes for the same have become really popular. Outside the regular promo codes for fashion apparel that come with a 50-70% discount now, there are even more popular ones. First are the promo codes for holiday home décor that give you a 70% discount to any item you want to buy, and along with that, you are getting a 60% for any gift-like product you are ordering. Don’t miss out on these November/December 2018 opportunities, hop in the wish promo codes train and enjoy!


With the ongoing popularity of the Wish shopping app, it seems like it can only continue to grow which is excellent as the more users it attracts, the more wish promo codes will be given out!

8 Things I Learned From Going To Mardi Gras

8 Things I Learned From Going To Mardi Gras

I was not much of a party girl in college. Though I could certainly put away bottles of Budweiser and added a little hair to my chest with the occasional shot of Jack Daniels or Southern Comfort and lime, I was not one for attending massive house parties or dancing on bars. However, for three consecutive years, I went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans and acted a fool. In honor of today being Mardi Gras, here is what I learned in the days I spent sucking down Hurricanes, hoofing it down Bourbon Street in high heels, eating alligator meat, and, yes, flashing my boobs for beads.

1. PDA isn’t embarrassing, so long as it’s not caught on camera. I think I have a pretty mellow attitude towards public displays of affection thanks to the time I spent at Mardi Gras, tripping over a new lip-locked couple every five feet. Who cares? Spread the love! I certainly did. Of course, it’s much easier to be pro-PDA if it’s not caught on camera and you don’t have to see, from the outside, what you look like when your tongue is being swallowed. Thanks to the photo above — yes, that is me and it currently resides on the wall of Ami’s cubicle — I keep my heavier makeout sessions behind closed doors. A nuzzle or two, however, is fine for mixed company. (Note: any questions about the two-tone color of my hair can be directed to me via email, thanks.)

2. Follow the buddy system! Seriously, let’s talk safety. Don’t go anywhere — except the bathroom — alone. Be a good wing woman! If your friend met some douchebag she likes, even if you’re bored to tears, you stay with her until it’s time to crawl back to your hotel at 5 a.m. and eat leftover muffaletta sandwiches. Stick together!

3. Showing your boobs for beads really isn’t worth it. This may seem obvious to an outsider. But let me explain something to you about Bead Fever. There’s something about the energy down there that makes an otherwise sane person desperately want plastic beads, the uglier, the more ostentatious, the better. It’s a bit like going to a party that has a gift bag and even though you know the gift bag is filled with crap — Chapstick, SweetTarts, a pen, etc. — you still really want that gift bag. I’ve often joked that even if I was to open a gift bag and discover a fossilized turd inside, I would be elated. “Loooook! A piece of hardened poo! So awesome!” It was with that same inexplicable enthusiastic desire for crap that I found myself, just once, showing my breasts to a guy standing on a balcony overlooking the French Quarter. Two days later, when it was time to pack up and head home, I left every single strand of beads in my hotel room trash can, including the ones I got in exchage for showing my nipples.

4. Alligator tastes like chicken. Just thought you should know.

5. Having a goal is great, but don’t be too ambitious. The second year my friends and I went to Mardi Gras, we made ourselves a chart that we called “The Wheel O’ Gras.” Each astrological sign had a section on the wheel and the goal was to make out with one dude of every sign. Each. The wheel would help us keep track, as we knew memory could not be relied upon. In the real world, men generally don’t care about astrology, but down in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, they were into it, possibly because I was crowing, “I just need a Pisces and I’ll be done with the water signs! Which one of you is a Pisces?” Unfortunately, while it’s certainly possible I kissed 12 people that week, I did not end up swapping spit with the entire zodiac. I did kiss three Aries dudes though.

6. Bring alternative footwear. If I went to Mardi Gras now — I wouldn’t, by the way — I would probably wear sensible-ish shoes 24/7. However, in my younger, stupider days, I wore stilettos to walk the trash-strewn streets of New Orleans. The only benefit, aside from making me think I looked kind of sexy, was that they elevated me above the aforementioned trash. The downside was that by the end of each trip, my feet wt up and blistered, with blackened soles, and I hobbled around school the entire following week. In life, if you’re going to be one of those people who puts style before comfort, bring a backup pair of flats just incase you reach a point where you’re so drunk and in pain, going barefoot seems like a viable option. Because it’s not. Trust.


7. What happens at Mardi Gras (or in Vegas or in Cancun or at that hostel in Amsterdam) stays there. A couple of friends over the course of those three visits kinda sorta tried to turn a Mardi Gras hookup into an actual relationship, with last names and dates and meaningful conversation, back home. Did not work. Does not work. Will not ever work. Don’t bother!

8. Don’t miss out on the vibrant culture New Orleans and its outlying areas has to offer. Unfortunately, those things are all better experienced another time of year.