Sony DSCW800 Product Specification

Capturing moments using camera is one way to capsule precious memories so that it will not be forgotten over the time which cannot be repeated twice, unless you have got some super power to travel back in time then it is going to be another topic to discuss. Sony DSCW800 is one to be talked about.

It is a cyber-shot camera released by Sony with a low price, but its exterior is designed with simplicity. Plus the size makes it easy to slip the camera into pocket. Talking about W800’s quality and performance, there are some cons and pros toward the product. Therefore, before you buy the product, it is better for you to review this specification first.


Pros and Cons of Sony DSCW800

Let’s take a look to the pros. It is believed that the Sony DSCW800 has a good performance when you use it to take photos in a spot with good light. With a good light provided by nature, the result can be even better. Plus, the W800 is also said to have improved its manual control which now becomes easier to maneuver.


If we see the size and weight, the W800 is suitable for those who hate heavy products, because W800 is lightweight and compact.

Jumping to the price, the shoot camera is on sale for a low price which is $89.99 on Amazon. Thus price completes the item with its goods such as the replacement battery, external charger, MC, and Deluxe starter kit, while if you buy the W800 that sits below price tag £79.50, you will not receive any goods mentioned previously; you will most likely to receive the Sony DSCW800 digital compact camera only.

So the price really does say something. However it also depends on where you buy the W800. Perhaps when you buy it, the coupons or discounts is happening so that you will be given even cheaper price.

But from the cons, the camera is also said to have a poor quality of lighting since it is only good when the nature provides its light, plus it can only zoom for five times. These cons are a few compared to many great quality you are getting once you buy the product. If you are curious and want to know more, with such a low price, it can be an opportunity to give it a try.

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