GoPro HERO4 BLACK Review : Make You Pro in An Instant

GoPro HERO4 BLACK is the new series of GoPro, that, as it names suggest, is a wrist camera that promise of making you a pro filmmaker in an instant. With GoPro it is easier to take picture and create video while doing activities.

GoPro Hero4 features a lens that can capture 4K quality picture. Unlike the previous model that seems to be an action cameras only, this is a flagship camera that promises of a high end camera with professional result worth for footage. GoPro Hero4 includes 12 megapixel camera, and 4K maximum recording resolution in 30 fps and in built microphone. The 1/2.3in CMOS sensor is better than the previous version and can capture picture in quick time.

Why You Should Choose This Product

GoPro HERO4 BLACK is excellent action camera to capture footage. It can be used to capture picture and footage that is not reachable with conventional camera. From sport event to wildlife footage, GoPro works the same as professional camera up to 4K quality. This is an incredible capability since its size is no bigger than matchbox. The in built microphone makes sure the audio is also captured well. The USB port let it be connected to bigger device and is built with editing software.  It is build with wide angle lens, making sure the footage taken is not limited by the space and the position where the camera is placed.

One thing that makes it a little bit difficult, especially for non pro user is it doesn’t include LCD and doesn’t have im built control unless it is connected to other device like smartphone, laptop, or smart watch. GoPro HERO4 BLACK has three versions and so far the Black one is more expensive than the Silver one but actually they don’t differ much. Buying the Silver one may more economical and this is probably not a good move from GoPro who named this device black. Even though it promises of an excellent work of capturing footage, the battery sadly doesn’t always support this. The battery life doesn’t last long.

Where You Can Buy GoPro HERO4?

GoPro is the pioneer of action camera and it is been improving its quality and change of market. This GoPro HERO4 BLACK is a flagship that is intended to live up to this higher improvement. And it does do a good job. The lack of screen may be a little bit hindering but it is all still tolerable, giving its tiny size. Get this GoPro for $404.06 for the Black version by clicking here.

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