Sweetheart, My Photography About Long Distance Relationship

My photography project

“Sweetheart” is one of my favorite photography project that I did about a year ago. The concept is simple but the result is very satisfying (at least, for me as the photographer). The process of the photo shoot itself is also very fun. It took about six to seven hours to complete the shoot, but I enjoyed every single second of the work. Not only a set of photos, I managed to create four photos with four different concepts.

In this article, I’d like to show some of my work in a photo set titled “Sweetheart”. This is a set of pictures about a girl who visits her long-distance boyfriend for a short time. I deliberately didn’t put the boyfriend figure in the photo, as I want the viewer to feel that he is the boyfriend. Please let me know your opinion about these pics.

Behind the scenes

Actually, I didn’t plan to create this set of photos. My real intention for this photo shoot is to work on my course assignment, which is about “a girl and an apple” (I also published a lens about it. Feel free to check). At that moment, the model just arrived in the location of the shoot. I tried to established a rapport with her, having small conversation, re-explaining the concept, when suddenly I realized that she wore perfect outfit with the interior in the room. Thus, I decided to take some photos of her when she just arrived at the location. I gave her no instruction, just asked her to continue what she was doing. Surprisingly, the photos turned to be very good.

As I explained in the intro, this set of photo is about a visit from a girlfriend. Thus, I tried to emphasize the romantic feelings by making the color tone to be softer and warmer. I took only about fifteen photos, and surprisingly all of them are very satisfying. From those fifteen, I decided to publish five of them in this Squidoo article.

Let me tell you a brief story about the model. She is one of my old friends in college and we have worked several times for a photoshoot. One day, she called me, asked for my help to do some shoot for her portofolio. Amazing timing. The moment she called me, I was just given an assignment from my course to submit a photo shoot work. Hence, we arranged a place and decided to do one full day work.

The atmosphere of meeting with an old friend and good weather really elevated our mood. We managed to create more than two hundreds photos on that day. I post processed about hundred of them, divided the pictures into four or five categories, and submitted the best for my course exhibition. Although these photos are probably not my best, they are definitely the most satisfying that I have ever created so far.

The photoshoot went very smoothly. I used my favorite Rebel T3i, a tripod, and two different lenses. I also experimented with newly bought lens filter which I used to create the warm, soft color tone. We went straight for three hours work, took an hour lunch break, then continued for the next for hours.

Some tips from me

They might be useful if you want to do a photo shoot

Play music
Good music could help you and the model to be more immersed to the photoshoot. It is also very useful to help you find the mood that you wanted for the photos. It works best, especially for amateur models who don’t know how to pose. Just play the right music, and it will help them a lot in posing in front of the camera.

Take your time
No need to be in a hurry. Make sure that you establish a good rapport with the model before proceeding to the real work. If you can talk to the model and make her to be more comfortable working with you, then it is better. However, if you feel that you are not a good talker, just greet her. You need to interact with her not only during the shoot, but also before it.

Be sure to enjoy your work too. Don’t hesitate to take a break whenever you or the model feel tired. No need to be in a hurry, as I believe that it is better to take ten good photos in a good mood rather than hundreds of photos under extreme pressure.

Take a photo in RAW format
Be sure to set your image quality in your camera in RAW format. It will help you a lot in post-processing stage. I had a very good photo shoot at my early period learning photography, where I was able to take more than fifty great photos. However, I forgot to set my camera in RAW format, which I regret it very much.

So, before starting a photography project, make sure that the image quality in your camera is in RAW. Be sure to bring more than one memory card, as this format will take a lot space in the memory storage.

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