Paul Zenon- Street magician

Paul Zenon- the original street magician

Paul Zenon is a British street magician, he has had several TV programs on UK television and he performs what has become known as street magic, made famous in America by David Blaine amd Dave Angel . Paul Zenon’s performing style is cheeky, funny and streetwise without the cheese that many magicians seem to slide into.

In his television specials he performs, close up, under the nose magic in pubs, clubs and in the street to random people- there are no camera tricks and he specialises in sleight of hand magic using everyday objects such as cards, dice, cigarettes and bottles.

Sometimes he does magic in bars and spends some time with the audience he entertains, other times he does “hit and run” magic where he does a quick trick then smartly walks off leaving a load of amazed people in his wake- this is the type of magic I sometimes do and it’s great fun to blow people’s minds then get away before either they repeatedly ask you how you did it or you do too much more- it’s better to leave the audience wanting to see more.

Paul Zenon also performs stand up comedy and has been a croupier and a “psychic”, its clear he got his street wise style by actually being streetwise! Paul also knows when to talk and when to allow the magic to speak without words- something some other magicians could learn to do more of!

Paul Zenon- UK street magician

Five streetwise reasons he’s cool!
Paul Zenon looking cool

He was one of the first “street magicians” on television.
He doesn’t take himself too seriously.
He performs sleight of hand magic flawlessly and without cheese!
He used to perform for the “space rock” band Hawkwind.
He keeps close up magic in the spotlight in the UK.

UK magician Paul Zenon stuff from Amazon USA

Learn street magic and entertaining scams

If you want to learn street magic, entertaining scams and challenges- Paul Zenon has written some excellent books revealing secrets that were only available in advanced magic books previously, all his books are clearly illustrated and written in an entertaining and easy to follow style so that you could be the next David Baline or Criss Angel in next to no time. Better still- once you learn these tricks you can develop your own style.

Paul Zenon from child swindler to comedy magician!

Hustler to street magician

At the tender and “innocent” age of only eight years old Paul started his devious path by selling fake lottery tickets to neighbours (there was no prize and no one won, except Paul)! His fascination with deception and fame led him to skive off school to appear on stage and as a teenager he worked in a magic and joke shop called “The House of Secrets” picking up the skills of magic and entertainment that have stood him so well. He developed his style and appeared at the London Comedy Store and has performed to entertain the British army in far flung places. He has had television showcases on British television – on both the BBC and commercial channels. He is also the founder of The Wonderbus- a not for profit organisation that takes older people out to see live entertainment.

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