Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago

It’s CARNIVAL time again!!!

Carnival in the country of Trinidad and Tobago, is one of the best experiences one can have the pleasure of having.

It originally started in the country between 1783 and 1838. An has since evolved into a worldwide phenomenon. It is the type of cultural event that brings people of all creeds and races together from all over the world for a magnificant 2 day celebration.Decades later in the year 2011, the masquerade bands have increased in quality and quantity. The costumes are spectacular and accompanied by pulsating music that fuels the party engine day into night.

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is often described as the greatest show on earth. It’s beauty and grace is welcoming and alluring to people all around the world.

For the natives, this celebration starts immediately after boxing day and ends Ash Wednesday. For tourists it’s the 2 infamous days, which this year is the 7th and 8th of March or better known as “Carnival Monday and Tuesday.”

So, what happens after people stuff there faces for christmas with ham, lamb, and jam….lol….is a massive dash for the gym. Yes….the gym!! and also any savannah, park or clear street available, so that everyone can get in shape to fit into the very seductive and beautiful costumes of the season and parade down the streets.

Another great happening when the season starts is an array of parties. Night club come alive and the native music SOCA comes out in all it’s glory in the name of the season. Massive competitions such as “The International Soca Monarch and Chutney Soca Monarch’ gets into full swing. People start showing support to there favourite soca songs and registration to the masquerading bands begin and sell out in no time at all.

WELCOME to an explosion of colour, music and creativity. Truely nothing on earth can truely rival this, the original event.

About Trinidad Carnival Costumes

Trindad carnival costumes are always bright, colourful, and seductive.

They are made for men, women and there is even kiddies carnival. The costumes are an artful and creative combination of mostly features and beads in the most festive of colours.

Each band chooses a theme every year to design their costumes after. Each general theme is given sub themes or sections, and each section has it’s very own colour and design of costume. Literally thousands of people comprise each section.

Each band section has a section leader in a gigantic costume sometimes supported by wheels, that they lead the section with as they parade around the capital of the country.

Carnival Make-up

Of-course the costume is not a costume without equally glamourous makeup. The makeup for the season is done in bold colours and sometimes over multiple areas of the body. It is an accentuation of the costume and adds to the beauty of the masquerader.

Because it’s the tropics it’s nice to have the makeup be sweat proof and shine resistent as muc has possible. The heat and fun of the festivities is sure to have you breaking an immense sweat even if you don’t dance much.

So be sure if you’r eplanning on enjoying the festivities to make your makeup as beautiful an indestructable as possible…:)
Kiddies Carnival

For the little ones to enjoy in the festivities as well there is kiddies carnival. Similar to the adult celebrations except the costumes comprise of alot more clothing……

It’s cute though, they have fun and enjoy in the festivities….:)

Bands for Carnival 2011


The theme this year for the Harts masquerade band is ” Planet Rock” Check out there some of their costumes.
The Legacy Masquerade Band

It’s that time again Carnival 2012 in Trinidad and Tobago

Come celebrate Carnival 2012 in Trinidad and Tobago.
A sneak peek of whats to come!!

While the rest of the world is anticipating Christmas in December, in the beautiful twin island of Trinidad and Tobago, it’s people are already planning and anticipating Carnival.

Mas Bands are getting ready to launch their lines of costumes that will be worn by thousands of participants world wide on the 2 most exciting days of the Carnival season Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Though we aren’t sure what dates it would be yet, this does not stop us from preparing for it like some places prepare for a hurricane! 🙂

Stay with me folks as I bring you ball by ball comentary on the launches and all the happenings for the upcoming Carnival season in Trinidad and Tobago……..

*Here are the dates for the Band Luanches*:

Spice – July 9
TRIBE – July 23
Oasis Carnival – August 5
Island People – August 5
Dream Team – August 6
Fantasy Carnival – August 6
Harts – August 12
YUMA – August 13
Ronnie & Caro – August 18
Trini Revellers – September 17
Legacy – October 15

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