Balance by Nik Wallenda: Family & Faith

A review of Nik Wallenda’s astonishing story

Nik was just two years old when he started walking on a tightrope in his back yard. He was simply doing what his parents – circus performers – did. Two years later, when he was four years old, he watched the video of his great-grandfather, Karl Wallenda, fall to his death from a highwire.

Karl and the famous Wallenda family

Karl was seventy three years old when he fell. He was promoting his show – not enough tickets had been sold – and he fell 120 feet; the video still exists and can be seen below.

A very honest, open tale of faith & family

Although I have been fascinated by the Wallenda family since I was child, I was truly surprised and how moving and inspirational this book is. Nik, far from being a conceited celebrity, is a humble and loving man.

He’s dedicated to improvement – not just improving his professional life and abilities but also his own self-improvement as human being and his spiritual life.

I was moved to tears

Strangely enough, that wasn’t when I was reading about the tragedies that have befallen the Wallenda family. (Seven of the family have been lost in aerialist accidents.) No, it was the man himself, his humility, his faith and his determination to carry on his family’s tradition, plus honouring the achievements and the fortitude of his great-grandfather.

From the backyard to the Grand Canyon & Niagara Falls

Nik is well-known now for his stunning feats such as walking a high wire above the Grand Canyon and the Niagara Falls on live television. These, and other fantastic feats are reason enough to read this book plus, of course, the history of the family.


The video of Karl falling is horrible, but I’ve included it here. Skip it if you wish. But I do recommend that you watch the others, especially the one where Nik and his mother complete the walk Karl never finished. There’s a heart-stopping moment.

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