Christine Daae Hair and Make Up Tutorial

Look Like Christine for Halloween or Cosplay

I am not only a fan of the Phantom Opera musical and film, I am also a fan of Emmy Rossum. Her voice is amazing and it’s hard to believe that she was only 17-years-old when she began filming the 2004 Phantom of the Opera Movie. That’s quite an accomplishment for such a young singer and actress. I think Emmy Rossum made a perfect Christine and the costumes that were chosen for the movie were terrific. Christine’s hair and make up was innocent, yet seductive.

If you are planning to dress up as Christine for Halloween, Cosplay or for a Phantom of the Opera theater production you will need to figure out how to replicate her beautiful hair and make up. Her look is actually quite easy to achieve. You can get Christine Daae hair by styling your hair with a curling iron or using a more gentle no heat method.

If you don’t have long hair you can wear a spiral curl wig or a Christine Daae theater wig. Although the Christine Daae character in the Phantom of the Opera movie had dark hair, many theater productions feature a blonde Christine character. If you have blonde hair there is no need to buy a dark haired wig, just tell everyone you are a blonde Christine!

Christine Daae Wig Options

If you don’t have long hair or you don’t think that your hair color looks much like Christine’s then you can wear a wig as part of your Phantom of the Opera costume. You can choose a curly dark hair wig or blonde wig, depending on your personal preference. If you are an Emmy Rossum fan you will probably prefer to wear a dark brown wig, but if you fell in love with the musical featuring a blonde Christine Daae then you may want to wear a pretty blonde wig.

The Original Christine Daae Had Long Blonde Hair

In the original Phantom of the Opera novel, Le Fantôme de l’Opéra, Christine Daae was described as a beautiful young Swedish women with golden blonde hair and blue eyes. This is the reason that many people decide to dress up as blonde Christine for Cosplay events.

Christine Daae Theater Wigs

This dark brown Lace Front Christina Daae Wig is made by a professional theatrical wig maker. It is a terrific wig choice for those who need a wig that is durable and realistic looking for a Phantom of the Opera theater production or Cosplay event.

How to Create Beautiful Tight Spiral Curls

I personally love Christine’s feminine spiral curls. If you have long hair you can create beautiful Christine Daae hair using a curling iron. If you do not want to use heat on your hair you can use spiral hair curlers, but you will have to leave them in overnight. The following spiral hair tutorials show you how you can create the same type of curls as actress Emmy Rossum in the Phantom of the Opera film.

Creating Spiral Curls with a Curling Iron

Taylor Swift inspired curls! (Hair Tutorial)

If You Don’t Have Hair Styling Skills – Visit a Professional Hairstylist

©Christy_Rose Not everyone has awesome hair styling skills or the patience to spend hours curling their own hair. If you want amazing hair It may be worth it to find a cheaper Christine Daae costume and spend some of your Halloween money on a professional styling job. The professional results are worth the expense, especially if you are hoping to have your photo taken all day long at the next big Cosplay event.

My daughter Heather (featured in the photo) has gorgeous blonde hair. Her hair is naturally wavy and straightens out as the day goes on. Heather wanted to have pretty spiral curls for her Grade 8 graduation so we made an appointment with our hairdresser. I am able to do a pretty good basic curling job, but I’d rather rely on a professional for special events.

To achieve this look Heather washed her hair and let it dry naturally. The hairdresser used regular large size curlers (the hard kind) and regular hard plastic hair clips. Heather slept overnight with the curlers in her head (she propped her head up on pillows) then went back to the hairdresser at 2:30 p.m. the next day to have the curlers removed. The hairdresser then used a curling wand to define the curls and sprayed her hair with hairspray.

This look is perfect for graduations, weddings and of course it would be an ideal hairstyle for a blonde Christine Daae for Halloween or Cosplay. If you do not have the hair styling tools needed to get dreamy spiral curls then you may want to consider having a professional hairdresser do your hair for you. Although some hairdressers cost a fortune you may be able to find one that will curl your hair for a reasonable price (Heather’s hair cost $45) Just remember to bring along a photo of Christine Daae so the hairdresser knows exactly what type of curls you want.

Great Christine Daae Make Up Tutorial


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