Fun at the Drive-In Theater

The Classic Drive-In Movie Theater

Enjoy the nostalgia of a drive-in movie theater. Do you remember those days?

Maybe you have heard your parents or grandparents talking about how they would go to an outdoor theater. Here the latest featured movies would be on a giant outdoor screen that stood larger then life in front of many carloads of families. Double features were the norm. Although at times one could see a triple movie feature.

Back in time as late as the 1970’s, it was common to see two and sometimes three movies in even the walk-in movie theaters.

Present time, there is one movie for the walk-in theaters for one large price, though up to a few dollars cheaper if you go to the matinee show. However, if you happen to live close enough to go to an outdoor drive-in theater (yes, they still exist), then you can see two movies for the price of one matinee ticket.

Theatre or Theater

The first drive-in opened in New Jersey on June 6, 1933. The American name is theater. Though many drive-ins located in America have theatre within the name.

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Do you know the history of the drive-in theater?

This book will enlighten you with how Richard M. Hollingshead, Jr. came up with the idea of an outdoor movie. How he started this with test in his home driveway with a 1928 Kodak projector.

This is not a picture book with light information. This is for the research enthusiasts. It goes deep into the history of the outdoor theater. The book takes you through the golden years and the decline to near extinction of this entertainment pastime of a great movie watching experience.

Drive-In Theater Poster

Our Hometown Theater History

In our hometown we had two outdoor movie theaters until the early 1980’s. One being on the west side and the other one on the east side of town. But then the times had changed and the theaters closed down to make room for apartment buildings.

This is the common scenario across America. The outdoor drive-in theaters were disappearing. It looked as though this would soon be a thing of the past. This is something that you would tell your grand kids about, “When I was your age, we would load up the car with snacks and blankets. See not one, but two movies outdoors. It was a lot of fun.” And if the grand kids are teenagers, you may not want to mention in detail all of the fun that you had at the drive-in.

There is a smaller percentage of drive-in theaters presently then back in the good o’ days. Though many places are revitalizing this historical treasure and bringing back the outdoor theaters.

As for where I live, we have three outdoors, with the furthest being in Door County at 1 1/2 hours away. To the closest, at a little more then a half hour drive.

Two of the three allow you to bring in your own food and beverages. However they encourage you to order from their snack bar. We do bring our own snacks but we usually end up ordering nachos and sometimes a pizza.

Drive-In Movie Theater Wall Art Snack Metal Signs

Best part of the movie

Often the best part of the movie is the old time commercials for the snack counter. It would be so disappointing if these weren’t shown before the movie.

At the same time it is a bit eerie thinking that the food and beverages are alive with hands, feet and faces.

Things to Bring to the Drive-in Theater

Besides yourself and children

What I love about going to the drive-in is that all the family is included. Even our dog Buddy. For the price of an afternoon matinee, you can watch two movies at the outdoor. We find it fun sitting outdoors getting fresh air and wrapped up in blankets, while watching a great movie.

Note: Links are included to take you to the items you will need.

Bring the dog along. Be sure to bring the leash, water and a dog blanket.
Outdoor folding chairs
If planning on laying on the ground. Be sure to have an outdoor blanket that is water resistant.
Sitting in your folding chair, you will want a nice warm fleece blanket to wrap up with. The temperatures do drop and the night can get cold.
Bring a cooler for those beverages and snacks that need to stay cold.
Make sure to have mosquito repellent. You may be there to enjoy the movies. But the mosquitoes are there to enjoy you.
A rechargeable portable radio is good to have if there is no movie speakers. Some theaters have them and some do not. Plus if you plan on sitting outside, a portable radio is ideal to have.

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