Starlight Express Roller Skates Musical Theatre

the first musical ever to be staged on roller skates

Starlight Express has to be one of my most favourite musical theatre shows. I first saw Starlight Express in London in the 1980s and have seen it a couple of times. The most striking aspect of this musical theatre production is that it is set, as many people know, with characters (who play railway engines and rolling stock) on roller skates. The actors speed their way around the stage and the audience in a dramatic and lively production that is supported with some great tunes. It was originated by impresario and composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyricist Richard Stilgoe

The story is based on the dream of child in which his toy train set comes to life. It is essentially a love story with Cinderella like overtones. Originally Andrew LLoyd Webber wanted to do a version of the children’s stories of Thomas The Tank Engine by Rev. W. Awdry, however that never happened. I really like the main theme song Starlight Express, although my favourite song is There’s Me sung by the character C.B. When I took my young sons to see it they really liked the dramatic image and character Elektra the electric train.

The original show ran on the London’s West end for 7461 performances and it has been performed on Broadway too. The production has evolved over the years with songs being added and dropped. 1992 saw the launch of The New Starlight Express which cut 12 original songs added five. One the ‘losses’ was my favourite song and also the characters C.B and Belle. By 2008 the show was very different from the original. For fans of all versions there is the excellent Theatre Starlight Express section.

Starlight Express

Starlight Express


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