Me and My Musicals: Maybe I Should Have Taken Those Singing Lessons


10. That’s how old I was when I saw my very first live play on stage and perhaps more importantly, my very first ever musical ? Miss Saigon, to be exact. At that age I loved every single second of it from the songs to the dancing to the sheer magnificence of watching those talented people perform in front of you live! But the songs, interspersed with the plot, was my very favorite part of the entire experience. As a Disney movie lover seeing real life people break into song like it was part of everyday was a delicious experience!

So Maybe My Playlist Isn’t Like Yours

But I like it anyway

From Sarah Brightman in the Phantom of the Opera to the award-winning Stephen Sondheim I scour record stores, secondhand video shops for any obscure CD, DVD of anything related to Musicals. At the advent of the internet, online shopping and, dare I say it, Youtube, I’ve had more opportunity to enjoy the wonderful world of musicals.
While my peers in high school and college filled their mp3 players with mainstream and pop songs I flooded mine with an eclectic collection of Sarah Brightman’s maddeningly gorgeous voice, Rodgers and Hammerstein’s catchy tunes, Sondheims masterpieces and everything else in between. You should have seen the looks I got on the tram when I would accidentally sing a part out loud – didn’t happen too often but I didn’t really care overmuch.

Those Singing Lessons

Maybe I really should have taken them after all
The Gloried Microphone by Tom8115 @flickr When my mother went to New York about 2 years back I was still in college so she made the painful decision of not bringing me along. When, in tears, I asked her why she hadn’t brought me along she answered simply that I would sing at her to death until we went to Broadway. She was probably right. But it still hurt.

I am one of those shower divas, meaning I can only sing in the shower and never anywhere else. When I was a child and one of my brothers had given me the ‘Cats’ soundtrack on cassette tape I was too in love with it to be embarrassed about singing in front of other people. When my mother suggested that I get a singing lesson I was too embarrassed to have some ‘expert’ tell me how to sing it. Again, she was probably right. Who knows, maybe I could have been in my own musical. (Or not.)

It’s All Heart

And a great deal of dancing
My limited exposure to musicals means that I don’t know much about it. Even with the internet I can’t see anything live although I try to get as much shows as I can locally. I never profess to be an expert, in fact I’m probably the exact opposite to that. But, for me, musicals whether I watch them or just listen to them, are an integral to me as a person. When I want to cry or when I simply feel lazy a simple listening or watching session is enough to energize my life. And, in the end, that’s the most important thing.

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