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My husband is Richard Burns, painter extraordinaire. When people see his cottage paintings for the first time they invariably say that his artwork looks like that of Thomas Kinkade. I might be biased, but I think Rich’s are better. Mr. Kinkade actually had other artists paint for him and then he would add the finishing touches and sign them. I’m not bashing him; many artists do this. But he also added extra and unrealistic light and perspective to create artificial effects. Just a little contrived for my taste. Well now Thomas is gone from us, so no more cottage paintings will be available from him.

But Richard Burns still paints cottages all the time, a new one every Christmas for all those Christmas cards and calendars put out every Christmas, and a few for galleries and clients. Here I am showcasing some of the more famous ones, which are available as prints, and in puzzles. Lots of people like to do puzzles and then frame them as art, and many of Rich’s paintings are available as puzzles. We also have many originals available so if you are interested in any original cottage paintings by Richard Burns, contact me on my bio page for pictures and prices.

Meanwhile, enjoy some beautiful cottage paintings here, by him and others!

Image: Christmas Cottage, 2012, © Richard Burns, Please do not copy. You can buy Richard Burns’ art at,,, Fine Art America, many galleries, and directly from us. Just contact me on my bio page for more information.

Richard Burns Cottages

Serenity Cottages II

Serenity Cottage by Richard Burns

Cottage in the Country

Cottage Lighthouse by Richard Burns

Lighthouse by the Sea

Serenity Cottage III

Richard Burns Cottage Painting

Cottage Oil Painting

Cottage in the Woods


Drake’s Cottage Richard Burns Puzzle

Cottage Puzzle for Kids and Adults

Richard Burns Lighthouse Art Puzzle

Cottage by the Sea Puzzle

Thomas Kinkade Cottage Puzzle

1000 Piece Thomas Kinkade Cottage Puzzle

Paint Your Own Cottage Painting

Easy to Paint by Numbers Cottage Painting

Learn to Paint Cottage Paintings

Your Own Cottage Paintings


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