Exotic Japanese Tattoo Designs

Find Exotic Japanese Tattoo Designs

There are many amazing exotic Japanese tattoo designs for men and women that can be bold or elegant strong or delicate. Many of these designs have meanings as is often the case with oriental tattoo designs and images. Some will suit a small are while others like the beautiful dragon on the ladies back cover a large area – these are for the brave or seasoned tattoo bodies!

Japanese Dragon Tattoo Designs

Unlike the traditional western dragon that represents evil the Japanese Dragon Tattoo Designs represent wealth and good luck. It also represents fearlessness and freedom and power or strength. So these are some very strong meanings to have on your body.

Japanese dragons are also a different shape from the stocky western dragons being more serpent like in design. They come in the most amazing colors

Japanese Mask Tattoo by Jorge Pérez

Warrior Japanese Tattoo Designs

japanese mask tattoo designs

Originally the meaning of the word Samurai was to serve or to attend to something or someone. However the meaning that most people today would place on it would be more in line with the dictionary definition which states that a Samurai was a Japanese feudal aristocrat who was a provisional warrior or military person in this class. The meaning to serve here then changes or to guard or watch. They had a strict code of honor and sense of justice and a strong sense of duty. To wear the symbol or image of a Samurai embodies this meaning.

Beautiful Japanese Tree Tattoo Design by sinterbear

Japanese Woman Tattoo Idea

Japanese Tattoo Designs Ideas

Japanese tattoo design
© Photographer: Antipathique | Agency: Dreamstime.com

Ancient Japanese tattoo
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Koi carp tattoo
© Photographer: Zubada | Agency: Dreamstime.com

Koi is the Japanese word for Carp which are brightly colored fish. These are very auspicious in meaning for the Japanese.

These beautiful fish come in many different colors which is handy for tattoo designs as it gives lots of choice. These colors range from yellow to orange to gold. There are also white fish and grey ones. Usually these fish are designed showing them in action, climbing a waterfall for instance. They are a strong masculine symbol and embody many positive traits such as strength, courage, determination overcoming the challenges life throws at you and obtaining your highest goals. Many of the Koi traits are similar to those of the Samurai. In Japan these fish have a high status, perhaps due in part to their meaning or perhaps due to the myth and mystery that have surrounded them for centuries.

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