Sports Illustrations of Gary Patterson

Sports Illustrations: The Art of Gary Patterson

The sport illustrations of Gary Patterson capture our favorite pastimes in images which have the uncanny ability to play havoc with our memories of these popular recreational activities.

It’s the sport of hockey, football, golf, tennis, skiing, and fishing as visualized through the eyes of Gary Patterson. Delightful and entertaining this is art designed for those who love their recreation time.

Shine up your favorite golf clubs and take a walk onto the green with Gary Patterson.

Where breaking par is the highlight of your week.

And getting caught in the sandtrap is your biggest fear.

They say that art is a personal experience and it seems that Gary Patterson took this to heart.

Gary Patterson’s sports illustrations have the magical ability to stir our deepest emotions. Art is meant to be enjoyed and his work certainly fits the bill.
Gary Patterson’s art leads our imagination into scenarios that are much more than just a little probable to occur. He’ll tickle your funny bone and coerce a smile to your lips.
He trudges us onto the golf course and up hilly slopes to gracefully ski to the bottom of the hill. He leads us into the thick of a great game of hockey and tempts us onto the lake to go fishing. Tennis or football? Well those sports are in his illustrations as well.
(Photo of Gary Patterson used with permission.)

Gary Patterson’s illustrations give us a whole new take on the term “Birdie”.

Gotcha! A truly exceptional sports illustrator envelopes us in his view of the game’s play.

Golf is only a game? Nope. It’s one of those all important ways to relax after a long hard day.

It truly is great to get out onto the green.

Sports illustrations are the ideal art form for those who love their game.

We all know that sports can have a tendency to get a little rough. For some it is a natural part of the excitement of the game. For Gary Patterson it is a natural characteristic of many of his sports illustrations.

Love the game, or hate it, you can’t help but be amused by a wry twist of humor directed toward it. Football, baseball, hockey, tennis, surfing, or golf, no sport is left untouched by the humorous imagination of Gary Patterson. For sports lovers it’s the perfect art work to hang on their wall.

The game play in football can get a little intense.

It’s a sport where your imagination really doesn’t have all that much to design. You know it is gonna hurt.

Touchdown! It’s football as seen through the eyes and art of Gary Patterson.

Art is the excitement of a tennis victory.

And Gary Patterson’s humorous view of sportsmanship.

A fastball really can be a fireball when you are the one swinging at it.

Gary Patterson’s art captures our love of the great American Baseball game.

The hazards of fishing come to life in Gary Patterson’s humorous fishing illustrations.

Did you ever have the feeling that you lost something?

The only thing better than a relaxing afternoon fishing is perhaps not going fishing?

Or an overnight camping trip?

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.

In hockey the penalty box is where the misbehaving players go to spend a little time cooling off.

Gary Patterson’s sports illustrations show us the excitement of being a goalie.

Gary Patterson’s sport illustrations show us hockey in a vividly accurate light.

Players comparing battle scars.

The artistic son of an artist.

Gary Patterson’s father was an artist creating images for the Navy and of the Los Angeles Fire Department. It was by watching his father create his art, and seeing the joy that his fathers art brought to so many, that Gary also developed a love for artistic work.

Gary Patterson plied his hand to creating fine art, and won awards for this venue, but it was the work of creating humorous illustrations which gave him his deepest satisfaction. So he followed his heart and took on the title of “Creator of Smiles”.

Going up.

Going down.

Going downhill a little differently.

Facing the windchill on the slopes.

Days on the slope when you aren’t quite sure what went wrong.

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Humor in Art

A great piece of artwork evokes emotion in those who view it and the art of Gary Patterson does just that. His work is a serious attack on the old funny bone.

Great works of art really do not have to be serious to be amazing.

Gary Patterson proves that humorous art can be one of the most wonderful avenues of art to explore…Humor in Art: The Artwork of Gary Patterson.

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