Free 3d Models for Cinema 4D

Everyone Can Learn CGI

Maxon’s Cinema 4D software allows anyone to easily learn CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). The Pixar movies are probably the most famous example of this technology but the same software programs that are used to make Buzz and Woody are also used to create Megatron and many other special effects.

You Don’t Need to be a Geat Modeller
The best thing about the wide-spread use of programs like C4D is that it has brought together a whole community of artists who want to support each other and help each other. You don’t need to build your own models because there are THOUSANDS of great modellers out there who are already sharing their models for free! See the Iron Man image to the left? Someone built that and shared it with us all for free. I colored it, textured it and posed it in a scene and an animated short film. All for free. (note: the image quality shown here is poor but the actual model is crisp and movie-quality)

Make Anything You Can Imagine

Alien vs Star Wars

Free Scifi 3d Models

STMC (Star Trek)
A great library full of Star Trek 3d models, all free.
OK so, strictly speaking this one is not science fiction but science fact but, if you’re making a scifi piece, the you might want a realistic model of a real space craft and this is the resource to get it from.

Free 3D Vehicle Models

DMI Car 3D Models
Great quality models and a lenghty list of other vehicle models resources too
3D Cool
A large selection of vehicles including cars, trucks, boats, airplanes (as well as other model types too).
Nice selection but seems to be inactive now

Free 3D Models

General 3D Models

Easy to search, this is one of the best sources for 3D models on the internet
The Free 3D Models
Excellent 3D modelling resource.
Archive 3D
Household objects, cars, bikes, people and more.
Big selection, some very good models
Artist 3D
GREAT models but it’s a little difficult to search
Assorted models. Some great, most are pretty rough.
3D domawe
I just found this site today and it is AWESOME!
3D Universe
Some very slick models here.
Good models but I wish it had categories

3D Furniture and Building Models

3D Model Free
Not a large selection but some good quality models
Mr Furniture
Chairs, etc.

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