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Norman Rockwell: painter of American Life

When you think of a painter who paints the idealized “American” Lifestyle only one name can come to mind: Norman Rockwell.

Norman Rockwell was a very popular American artist and the reason why is very clear. He painted gorgeous and clear paintings, but that is not the important point. His paintings symbolized everything that was good about the about America.

He painted innocent boys, family life, sports, abiding love and the American way of life. Basically his painting have always represented everything that is best about America and Americana. Sometimes it may be an idealized view of an America that no longer exists, but that is even more a reason to hold it up as an example of what would and could be.

Rockwell’s portraits can give us spirit and encouragement. They show us what is and what can be. So get inspired and check out a few of the Norman Rockwell Posters below.

All of these pictures are linked to a site where you can buy where Norman Rockwell posters, if you desire. SO check them out, find a good one you like and get a slice of American for your own home. Enjoy!

Norman Rockwell Posters:

Norman Rockwell Paintings of young kids
One of the reasons that Norman Rockwell Pictures are so beloved is that they show a picture of a bucolic and happy life. One of his most famous themes, that he goes back to again and again, are young boys getting into innocent trouble.

With scenes reminiscent of Tom Sawyer, these are often gangly kids who get into just a little bit of mischief.

You can see a sampling of these great Norman Rockwell boys posters below:

Norman Rockwell Navy Wallpaper

Being a “Navy” guy myself this has always been one of my favorites

Rockwells Paintings: Romance and Love

Romance and emotion is not really Norman Rockwells strong suit. AT least not passionate romance. Rockwell’s romance pictures are more of an abiding and happy scenes. They are pictures of caring and love, and a romance that will last the test of time. Filled with real caring and emotion, not a quick and fleeting passion.

See some of Norman Rockwell’s Romance pictures below:


Norman Rockwell Paints the American woman

Great Norman Rockwell Paintings of Women
While Rockwell painted a lot of pictures of boys and boyhood, often seemingly pictures of his own idyllic boyhood, he also had many strong women, both as children and adults that would take center stage.

Take a look at some of Norman Rockwell’s pictures of women:

Norman Rockwell and Sports Pictures

Norman Rockwell obviously cherished sports and sporting events because he also painted many of the iconic pictures of many sports. These are not hard bitten sports pictures showing how “tough” these sports are but showing the innocence , joy and fun of these great sports he enjoyed.

Check out some Norman Rockwell Sports Pictures:

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