Painting Easels For Teens and Adults

Art Easels Can Make Oil and Acrylic Painting Much Easier for Teenage Artists

When shopping for the Painting Easels For Teens you will want to explore the size, materials, features, and portability of each easel you are considering. The smaller size, perhaps a table top (box type), or a folding compact style each have their own benefits.

Consider the lifestyle of the artist. Are they landscape artists needing to take their supplies on the go? If they prefer to be in the studio and stationary the set up can be less portable, but, consider the size of the teen. Find a size that fits the artist. Is the material suitable for outdoor use? As you browse these painting easels for teens you will find the best of each style is represented so you can quickly choose the best for your needs.

What to look for when buying an easel for outdoor use

Obviously, if you intend to use your easel out of doors it needs to be portable. That means buying one that a) fold flat to carry and b) is in a weight you can easily pick up and carry. One other thing you might consider though is how stable it is. Many outdoor easels these days are made of aluminium and fold down much like a photographer’s tripod into a carrying case. These are lightweight and can usually be carried on a shoulder strap. They will easily hold a small canvas and they have the added bonus of being weather proof. Many of them also come with attachments for you equipment like a holder for a water container or brushes.

As an alternative to these are the outdoor easels that are contained within a carrybox that also holds your paints and so on. The box usually has fold down legs and boards that you can easily assemble when you get there. They are generally wood and much heavier than the aluminium ones but you can generally get a harness or straps to carry them as backpacks. Some of these even come with a seat attached but remember anything like this is going to be heavy to carry.

A few other thinks you might consider: how easy it is to assemble or take down, how easy it is to adjust the angle of your drawing board, can you adjust the legs, after all you may not always be on level ground.

What to look for when buying an indoor easel

There are two types of indoor use easels a teenager might need, a free-standing studio easel or a table easel depending on a number of things like the type of art, space and of course budget. You can of course spend thousands on easels but for teens an A frame easel is probably all that he needs to start with. The A frames have the advantage of being able to fold flat quickly for storing away and they have all the stability he needs to be able to hold his work securely. The advantage of studio easels is that he can stand away from his work easily and see it from different angles.

If he is working with watercolors or just prefers to sit and bend over his work a table easel might be the best choice. If you are buying for a teen make sure you know what he is working with before you buy, for example, if his preference is for watercolor painting or amine drawing he will probably want an easel that has a solid board that paper can be attached to rather than one where you have to clamp a canvas to. Make sure it is sturdy enough to stay still while he is working on it, even then there might be small movements so you might want one with protective feet to protect your furniture. To ensure perfect stability of course you can always invest in one that clamps to the table or desk. The best easels can be adjusted to many levels from flat to vertical.

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