Leopard Print Stencils for Walls, Nails, Cake, and More!

What Would You Use a Leopard Print Stencil For?

What would you use a leopard print stencil for? There are so many uses to choose from! Whether you want to paint a whole wall with it, or add an accent picture, or do your nails, or make a leopard print cake, a stencil can help you out.

While you can draw the spots free hand, a stencil makes it so much more realistic. And you can find a leopard print stencil for not very much money!

This lens will cover some of the different uses you can put this stencil to, as well as give you some of the best places to find it online. Use the table of contents to hop down to the topic that interests you,or just browse to see what’s out there!

Leopard Print Stencils for Walls

Leopard print can make a great accent wall. You can also use a leopard print stencil for stripes, or you could make a big heart at the top of your bed or around your mirror. If you feel really wild and crazy, you can use it throughout the whole room! Here are a few leopard print stencils for walls that I found.

There are multiple thicknesses that you will note in the description. The thicker the stencil, the more sturdy it will be. However, it will not work as well on curved surfaces. There are also multiple sizes. Dimensions are in inches. The bigger stencils cover a much larger area, but they cost a lot more. I would only recommend them if you are doing an entire room. If you are just using leopard print as an accent, you can go with the smaller stencil. It will take you more time to finish the project, but it will cost you less money.

Leopard Print Decals

If you really want to save time and just accent a room, then these leopard print decals are for you. The first one is available in six different colors.

Leopard Print Stencils for Cakes

If you want to have a wild party, then you may want a leopard print stencil for your cake. This lets you easily add a leopard print design to either the sides or the top of the cake. It’s perfect for bachelorette parties, or birthday parties for the wild girl in your life.

But if you don’t want to add your own leopard print on the sides, you can accent the cake with leopard print in a few different ways. Here are three ideas.

Leopard Print Stencil for the Face and Body

Did you know you could use a leopard print stencil on your face or body as well? It makes face painting a lot easier. Or if you really want to be a leopard for Halloween, you can go all out and use the stencil. You can also use them with airbrushing or henna tattoos.

Leopard Print Stencils for Nails

How about leopard print stencils for nails? The only one I could find on Amazon was for airbrushing. You can, however, do leopard spots with a dotting tool and the right color paint. I’ve included a kit for making animal prints. You can also get leopard spot stickers.

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