Shadow box ideas for weddings, babies and other children

Shadowbox are great for storing life’s precious moments

There are several shadow box ideas that you could choose from whether you want it for a wedding, baby or kids. I personally like shadowboxes. I remember when I first was introduce to them when I worked at a frame shop.
The great thing about a shadowbox frame is that you could put three dimensional items into it or objects that would not normally fit into a frame.They are a good way to store keepsakes.

There are books such as The DIY Bride: 40 Fun Projects for Your Ultimate One-of-a-Kind Wedding for those who like to do crafty projects that would include organizing something that will keep their memory of their big day alive.
Here I will introduce you to some shadow box ideas for storing your wedding or kids memories in.

Shadow box ideas for babies

What better way than store your baby’s memories into a shadow box. You could put booties in them. A baby’s first onesie could go into it. Also you could include different stages of their life that occurred during their first year. The box could include shoes. It could also include the child’s first dress up outfit.

Also as an idea, you could include a collection of baby shoes from the time that the baby was a newborn to 36 months.
Also, you could include things from when your child was born such as your child’s umbilical cord stump into the shadow box.

Pick out the shadow box that suits your need

Shadow box ideas for weddings
You could include many things within a shadowbox to hold your cherish moments of your first year of marriage. You could include flowers, wedding invitations, or a veil. Also, the shadowbox could hold promise rings, wedding vows, and lockets that include the couples pictures.

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