How to make Fractals

Fractals are beautiful computer generated images

Make your own unique images for use as wall paper on your computer desktop, as background art on web pages or simply to enjoy.

Fractals are drawn by your computer with a little help from advanced mathematics. The great thing is, you can easily create your own fractals without understanding math. Fractal images can be made by you self by the use of easy-to-use, free computer programs.

This easy guide helps you on your way to fractal heaven.

Fractals – the basics

calculating the image

Fractals are generated by calculating a complex mathematical formula. Each point is checked for how fast it goes to infinity. The result is mapped to a colour, and so the images appear.

The same formular can generate different images depending on the parameters used and the zoom level applied.

There are a lot of different formulas, all giving different, fantastic looking images.

Fractals are rooted in chaos theory, and because of their unpredictable (not really, but they look unpredictable) nature they are great for organic looking artwork and landscapes.

Enjoy these images

Large enough for use as images

Make your own fractals

Fractal creation is a fun challenge for programmers. So several programs exist to make your own fractals.
See the link list below and try out the different programs. If you don’t know where to start, try ChaosPro! It is free, easy to use, and generates many different types of fractals.

Find and download software for fractal generation

there is plenty of software to draw fractals
Here are links to sites that offer software for making fractals, much of this software is free. Take a look at the programs, and cast a vote on the one you like best.
You can even submit a link, if I forgot one. The link needs approval by me, but I’ll get to it soon.

More fractals

Big enough for wallpapers

Books on fractals

here is where you can lean even more about these amazing images
Fractals are based in mathematics. So there is of course many books on the subject. Some deal with the theoric background and others just explore the beauty of the images.

And then some fractals

you can download them as wallpapers

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