How To Create A Secret Fairy Garden And Attract Real Fairies This Summer

Fairies Do Exist

I couldn’t believe my eyes. For weeks, At first I thought it was a nest of fire flies. I never knew where they lived and I like taking pictures of bugs so I got out my camera and waited. For what seemed an eternity I hid behind the tree and was as quiet as I could be. Eventually the tree lit up and I snapped a picture quickly.

I nearly fell over when I saw what was on the screen. It was a real life Fairy and she was living in my tree. How lucky could I be.

If You Want To Attract A Secret Fairy You Must Give her A Place To Live – Fairy Cottages

Fairies love a nice place to live and if you want to attract a Fairy to come live in your garden you must provide a safe place to live. They love cute cottages and beautiful flowers. They are very shy so make sure it is in a spot that is quiet and private.

The Fairy Spoke For The First Time

The day after I gave her the blanket I peeked into the hole and she walked right up to the door. She smiled at me and I smiled at her. That’s when she spoke for the first time. She said “Thank you” and backed up into the tree. She didn’t know I had bought her a new house to live in.

I told her to come out and see what else I had for her. She was very shy, but came back to the opening.

I place a very cute cottage by the tree and told her it was for her. She lit up very brightly. She flew down to the house and walked inside. I could tell she was very excited. The next thing I knew she was flying back and forth between the hole in the tree and the new house. She didn’t own very much so it didn’t take long for her to move in. She told me her name was Madeline.

Next I Bought Her Furniture

Madeline loved all the new things I bought for her. She told me that Fairies live all over and she wasn’t the only one. She said that they are very shy and usually live in tree holes. She was the only Fairy she knew that had her own house. The other Fairies were very jealous so I bought a few more houses and hoped to attract more.

Fairy Furniture

Once you buy your Fairy a house you must get her lots of furniture. The cuter the furniture the faster a Fairy will choose your garden to live in

My Indoor Fairy Garden

Fairy Babies Love Driftwood


Fairies love drift wood so it’s no surprise that they would leave their babies sleeping peacefully on top of it or next to it. They love things that sparkle so if you really want to attract Mama Fairies with their little ones then you will love this.

I like to make the drift wood I put in my yard comfortable and keep it from drying out in the sun. I also don’t like bugs eating it so I get new piece I will sand it down, remove much of the loose bark, stain the wood with a soft cloth and some wood stain and then spray seal it. This will keep the wood from absorbing water from rain.

Once I am finished I add a drop of Rub N Buff to bring out the color. I love dark wood with a brass finish as in this photo.

New Cottages

These charming cottages are perfect for indoor or outdoor Fairy gardens. They are realistic and work well with any of the Primrose Fairy figures.

Fairy Number 3, Glenda

A month later Glenda moved in. She grew up with Tina and were friends since they were babies. Of course she had a house right next to Tina. Glenda is very out going. She loves to tease my dog and when he gets barking at her she giggles and throws cheese at him. I think my dog secretly likes the teasing because he gets very excited when he sees her.

Fairies Love To Garden

If you attract Fairies into your yard you can expect it to have a beautiful garden because it what Fairies do best. The love to make the garden grow. With Valentine’s Day on the way why not attract a bunch of Fairies for that someone special in your life.

This Little Fairy Looks Sad

This Fairy Is Only 1 Inch And Has All The Details Of Her Bigger Sisters

Do you believe in Fairies. Are they living in your garden. Let me know what you have done to attract them.

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