Where To Find Rainbow Loom Rubber Bands

Disclaimer: Grown women will wrestle each other to the ground for tiny rubber bands.

in designer colors for Girl Scout troops, school fund raisers and birthday parties. Fueled by the passion of pre-teen boys and girls these women (including myself) will stop at nothing to score some bands.

My perilous journey begins…

My adventure started a few weeks ago when my first grader bounded off the bus with a newly minted Rainbow Loom bracelet from Elise. “Look what Elise gave me” she said. “Now I have to make one for her”. Well there you have it. From the mouths of babes my quest began, I could not let Elise down. So I made about 10 starter bracelets from the original kit that I was smart enough to purchase over the Summer and was fresh out of rubber bands when my sweet child announced that she needed 5 Rainbow Starburst Bracelets. 5…was she kidding???

So…the next day I hit the road…

Stop #1 I started local and hit our Pat Catan’s craft center first. No deal. It was only 9am and 4 women were already camped out and there were no rubber bands in sight. We were informed that the “rubber band truck” (that’s what the cashier called it) would be arriving sometime around 1pm. Dang it! I was on a limited time schedule and waiting 4 hours for the the “rubber band truck” was not going to happen. So short of zooming down I-90 and flagging the “rubber band truck” down I was out of luck.

Stop #2 I got a hot tip that our local toy store had the goods so Play Matters (which by the way is an awesome place and where I bought my actual Rainbow Loom) was my next stop. Unfortunately I was a few minutes late but managed to find one lonley bag of magenta rubber bands that someone had discarded in the puppet section. SCORE. My luck was changing.

Stop #3 Toys R Us. No cigar. Apparently they just had a “Rainbow Loom Event’ over the weekend and were sold out. I was dragging and needed caffeine.

Pit stop at Mickie D’s for a large unsweeted iced tea (big mistake).

Stop #4 Michaels Craft Store. JACK-POT. They had hundreds of packs in a multitude of colors. But first I really, really, really had to use the ladies room from that large iced tea. BIG MISTAKE! I was gone all of 45 seconds only to find that a fiendish group of women were literally grabbing at the packs like zombies on Halloween. So I dove in and managed to emerge with 7 packs. Whew! I did good. Green, Orange, Blue, Purple, Red, Black and White.

Later that day…

When my rambunctious 1st grader arrived home I was giddy to show her my loot only to hear the words…”Mom, you need yellow and pink to make a rainbow starburst bracelet”…what the ?%#$%*!

There was NO WAY on earth that I was going back out into the jungle or run down the “rubber band truck” on I-90 for yellow and pink rubber bands so I decided to look online…well hello mama! My soul lifted and my spirit perked up. Amazon has tons and tons and tons of Rainbow Loom rubber bands and they deliver right to your front door. You can order in your PJ’s and get them DELIVERED!

So I promptly spent a small chuck of my kids college fund and loaded up. We are set and Elise is a happy camper.

Moms rule…even when they are wrestling in a pile of rubber bands on the floor of a craft store.

You CAN succeed in rubber band art. Just watch the video! by : SaraBeautyCorner

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