Painting or Airbrushing with an Air Compresor

What is the Best Air Compressors for Airbrushing and Painting?

Do you need a new air compressor for your airbrushing and painting needs.If you do a lot of painting then you would know that using a paint sprayer or air brushing is easier and cleaner once you get the hang of using the right tools. With airbrushing and paint spraying, you can control how thick the coat is making the final result much more even. It’s also a fast way to get the job done.

But to properly accomplish a good paint job using these techniques, you need a good air compressor. You need a machine that is powerful and consistent so that you can keep a good steady stream of paint mist going making sure that it stays that way and keeps each stroke even. You will also definitely need something with a lot of force and pressure to keep the mist fine. Here are some great air compressors to help you with your carious paint jobs.

Senco .5 hp 1-Gallon Compressor (Model: PC1010 1)

The Senco .5 horsepower compressor is a very lightweight compressor that is perfect for people who move around a lot (as is common with airbrushing). This is a great item that can be used professionally and even at home.


The Complete Airbrush Kit with Tank

This is a complete set for somebody who is already into air brushing and wants to take one step further. It includes an air compressor that comes with a tank that automatically shuts off when it gets to 60 psi.

Campbell Hausfeld Two-Gallon Air Compressor and 8-Piece Accessory Kit (Model: FP2048)

This oil-free 2 gallon tank air compressor is a great addition to any garage because of its small size and the versatility of the accessories that it comes with. It has gauges placed right on the body at an angle that’s easy to look at when you need to check it.


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