The Latest Trend in Corporate Trophy Trophies and Plaques – Three Dimensional Effects

Corporate trophies and plaques have been given out since time immemorial. Initially carved out of wood, today corporate trophy is made from different materials, come in different shapes and are given for different reasons and on different occasions. As clients keep searching for unique ideas to make their trophy the most prestigious, designers have come up with the latest – 3D trophies.

So after movies and TV, now you can even have 3D corporate trophy in your house (of course you need to win it and not just buy it off the shelf if it is to be of any real value). Corporate trophy trophies and plaques are essentially not advertising or marketing material but they still do carry brand value. When you choose the 3D corporate trophy to represent your company you send out a message that you are not only forward thinking in ideas and technology but in the way you treat and recognize your employees too.

3D corporate trophies definitely look state-of-the-art but do not cost a lot compared to its peers. Initially the 3D effect was used only in promotional materials like paper weights. But with the arrival of latest technology three dimensional engraving has become cost effective. This has aroused great interests in the corporate world and many of these ideas are currently being used in form of corporate gifts and marketing material. The visual impact of a three dimensional trophy cannot be undermined. It connotes high tech capabilities.

The three dimensional image in a trophy is generally given form using laser engraving devices. These are invariably sophisticated. The images or logos or words to be engraved are first produced as a draft image in a computer file. This file is then fed into the engraving device which ultimately brings out the 3D effect in the trophy. It is very important that the first draft image is perfect keeping in mind the effect the final 3D image will bring out. It is also important that the high quality laser engraving is done by professionals only and not by any fly-by-night operators. After all it represents your company and you definitely do not want to settle for anything sub-optimal.

When designing the file for the three dimensional image focus on the follow criteria

– The message you want to communicate should be direct and relevant to your target audience. Avoid designing abstract figures, vague messages etc
– Avoid having big messages as the font will become smaller and the ultimate 3D effect will be lost
– Ensure that only trained technicians are working on your designing and engraving or the ultimate result on the corporate trophy will be less than acceptable.

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