Three Fresh Ideas for Holiday Decorating

Decorations really set the mood for the holiday season. As soon as trees start popping up in store display windows and every house on the block begins donning multicolored lights, you can feel the spirit of the season in the air.

While every family has their own special traditions, token decorations, and collection of ornaments, there’s nothing wrong with adding some new decorations to your assortment and extending the decorations to every room in the house. Try these tips for decorating this holiday season!

In the living room

If you’re bored by the same ol’ tree and ceramic Santa that you put up every year, try sprucing up your living room with a themed tree. All the rage this season, themed trees are cute and easy to assemble. Some of the most popular themed trees are the “Grinch” tree, modeled after the classic holiday movie, and the snowman tree, complete with snowman head, bulb buttons and boots. Both trees are a great option for spicing up your holiday decor, and everyone (especially the kids!) will love them.

In the kitchen

Decorations don’t have to stop with the living room—embrace the holiday season by adding a touch of Christmas to every room. Hang a string of classic white lights above your kitchen cabinets for a romantic feel, or purchase festive red and green dish towels, wash cloths or oven mitts. Add the aroma of chocolate cookies baking in preparation for Santa, and the kitchen might become your favorite room in the house!

In the bedroom

Who says you can’t have a tree in your bedroom? Add a smaller tree in your bedroom (and the kids’ rooms, too!) so you can stay in the holiday spirit even after hours. If space is limited, purchase a pencil tree or a tabletop tree. If you’re really committed to the holiday spirit, having a separate set of bedding that is just for the holidays is a great way to decorate your sleeping quarters. Red sheets, green pillow shams and a decorative comforter will keep you warm and merry all night long.

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