Polk Audio TSX440T Review

If you are interested in the Polk Audio TSX440T you have definitely come to the right place. Read the rest of this article for an in-depth review. The Polk Audio TSX440T 5.1 Home Theater System is a Home Theater System that comes in cherry and it consists of 7 different components. It consists of 2 X TSX440T Floorstanding Speakers, 1 X TSX250C Center Speaker, 2 X TSX220B Bookshelf Speakers as well as 1 X BIC Acoustech PL-200 Subwoofer. Also included is a Pioneer VSX-1123-K 7.2 channel AV Receiver.

Key Features:
The first Polk Audio Monitor loudspeakers were created over 40 years ago and the TSx series speakers that are in this Home Theater system are designed based on the same principles. This Home Theater system was designed so that it could fit in any budget and also any room. Despite this, you can enjoy a very high performance listening experience since it is designed based on state-of-the-art audio technologies. The Polk Audio TSX440T 5.1 Home Theater System has “Dynamic Balance Tuned” drivers as well as tweeters, this gives deep bass and also mid-range frequencies that are very realistic. Not only this, but the sound is very rich in detail. The Home Theater system is also very good-looking with its well formed curves, as well as brushed metal accents. One thing that stands out about all these great features is that it is all achieved without going overboard on the price.

The AV Receiver that is included with this Home Theater package is the Pioneer VSX-1123-K 7.2 Channel Multi-Zone Networked AV Receiver and it is a “Discrete Amplifier Design” that has 7 channels. One stand-out feature of this AV Receiver from Pioneer is “4K Ultra-High Definition Upscaling” which is a new as well as advanced technology in the field of AV. There is also an “ECO Mode” featured on this AV receiver which when in operation will allow you to save on energy.

Also featured in this AV Receiver from Pioneer is support for wireless streaming with AirPlay, HTC ConnectTM as well as Pandora Music Streaming. There is a Zone 2 HDMI output as well as a multi source Powered Zone 3. Another great feature of this AV Receiver from Pioneer is that it does in-fact have 8 HDMI Inputs with MHL 2.0 compatibility. MHL stands for “Mobile High Definition Link” and it is a high definition interface that allows you to connect portable electronics devices such as mobile phones to HDTVs as well as audio receivers.

If you are in the market for a Home Theater system that also comes with a 7.1 AV Receiver that isn’t going to break the bank then you will find the Polk Audio TSX440T very hard to beat indeed. It features advanced technologies such as “4K Ultra-High Definition Upscaling” which are going to help you future-proof your Home Theater setup when TV screens with 4K Ultra High Definition resolutions become commonplace.

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