Webkinz World Studio Story

Webkinz World Studio Story

Webkinz Ganz Studio
After being on Webkinz World for quite a while, maybe six months, I finally discovered he Studio Movie Maker. Oh, that sounded like a lot of fun! I love writing stories and it would be so cute to have the little actors you could buy in the W Shop acting out my story.

I purchased the Webkinz Studio for 1,000 Kinzcash and bought a few actors and sets, including a Pirate, Princess, Knight, Ship background and Castle Background, along with a few other things. It cost quite a few pretty Kinzcash pennies.

I was more than a little upset when I went to make my first Webkinz Studio video. It turns out you cannot give your characters names. Even simple names that even Word Processor recognizes, such as Bob, Sally, Robert, etc. are not recognized and when the Studio does not recognize a word it will not allow that word to be used. Well, fine, they don’t want names. You can work around that by never naming anyone. Though this is sad for children, since they (and I) love naming the things we create.

Of course, curse words are not allowed to be used, and this makes complete sense. No one wants a child making stories with bad words in it.

BUT! words such as ridiculous, superfluous, beautiful, specifically, especially, harmonious, etc. are not allowed either. These are obviously not curse words, and yet they are underlined in red just as curse words are. You can see examples of this in the story below. In no world would I type “She is pretty” when “She is beautiful” is far more appropriate for the emotion (not to mention when adults are speaking they don’t usually use pretty). It seems, to me, that a child is punished for having a large vocabulary. The Webkinz Studio only wants very basic vocab. words. Oh, vocabulary isn’t an allowed word either, so maybe they don’t want vocabulary at all (har har, get it?).

Slang is also not allowed. Gonna, wanna, etc. My Word Processor recognizes these words, but Webkinz Studio doesn’t.

Only two actors are allowed in each scene. This is understandable, as it is complicated enough to have two characters for a young child.

You can only store two videos at a time. This was almost heart breaking even for me. And I’m a big girl who knows how to save her work in an offline format.

I had big ideas for a long story that involved multiple characters and could be broken into various ‘movies’ or chapters as I would use them. That I could only have two of them at any given time on the Studio makes me sad. How must a child feel when they have a third idea and must make the choice between deletion or just losing that idea?

Below is the chaptered story I had in mind. I’ll title the whole thing when I finish it and think up a title. I have fixed it up in comic panel format because it entertained me to do it that way, but the single frame panels are also available so you can see what each looked like on Webkinz Studio.

This is the first scene of my story. Our pirate is plotting to find his love… or is he only lusting after her? Pirate Black Bear is dealing with a very sinister Fairy Godmother.

I changed the title from Pirate Love to Pirate Lust to publish here. I was not allowed to, obviously, use the word Lust on Webkinz World, which I won’t complain about.

Sadly, my wicked Fairy GODmother must be called a Fairy Mother because Webkinz World does not recognize the word Godmother nor does it recognize God Mother, because God is a no-no word.

I know this is hard to read. Sorry. I couldn’t make it any bigger in comic form. You can view the single frame photos below though and the words are much easier to read. Just click the image and it will enlarge.

Our sweet Princess Chushu appears to be in love. But her love is not of the proper birth. It also doesn’t appear to be that she longs for Pirate Black Bear. How will the Pirate take this? The good Fairy Godmother will help her!

It seems all the censoring in the world (or Webkinz World) can’t stop me from finding a way to get innuendo in there. It’s tongue in cheek and can be taken in an innocent way anyway.

Again, hard to read. I’ll think that through better when I do the next set of comics. For now, both of these stories have been deleted in order to make room for the next two. Yeah, remember, I can only store two stories at a time. I feel really bad for kids who don’t know they can save these and are forced to just deleted what was, no doubt, hard work for them to create.

The max width on this Squidoo pane is 620 pixels so I’ll know to keep it that size next time.

Equus with Daniel Radcliffe

Equus with Daniel Radcliffe

Equus – starring Daniel Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths.

Equus the Play has been a hot topic of discussion amongst the theatre community for a long time.

In the Fall 2008, Broadway was graced by Harry Potter stars, Daniel Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths. They starred in the West End, sell out transfer, of Peter Shaffer’s Equus at The Broadhurst Theatre, NYC.

In this article you will find opinion of Equus the play, Equus reviews, and interviews with the stars of Equus, as well as how to get your hands on a copy of Equus the film, as well as the Equus play script and the Equus study guide.

Equus Theatre Poster, featuring Daniel Radcliffe

Isn’t it beautiful?

So, What Did I Think of Daniel Radcliffe in Equus?

honest, I thought it was alright, but I wanted more from Radcliffe. I saw the second preview, so his performance was still finding it’s feet (there was a rather embarrasment moment at the end, where Richard Griffiths had to show him how to bow!)

I really wanted to love this show, as I was in a production of it with a theatre company a few years previously, but I was left with a strange taste in my mouth. I couldn’t help feeling that there are better actors out there who could take on the role. Radcliffe was, for me, just OK. He didn’t have enough diversity in his performance, the only diversity was in his vocal projection – quiet, loud, or shouting. Richard Griffiths was superb, as I had hoped. The production as a whole was ‘revived’ from it’s original conception in the 70s, recreating the wired horse masks, as using a minimalistic set.

This show has created huge controversy, primarily due to one scene in Equus that sees Daniel Radcliffe nude, completely starkers, naked, no clothes, nada (and we’re not talking just shirtless either)…yes, gasp you might!

Daniel Radcliffe gets nude on stage

…or Harry Potter Gets His Wand Out

seeing Radcliffe’s disappointingly bland and shouty performance, I couldn’t help feeling that it was stunt casting that gave him the part. Having a name like, Daniel Radcliffe, in a lead role that goes fully naked on stage, is a guaranteed sell out. Who isn’t interested to see whether or not he actually takes his clothes off?

I find something awkward about it. I don’t know why. I’m not a prude by any means. I only find it distasteful because Radcliffe is so strongly associated with Harry Potter – an icon of children’s literature. Millions of children look up to him and adore him…and in the late 2000′s he was still a teenager and is appeared naked infront of hundreds of people. It’s just, I don’t know, kinda weird.

I suppose I also wouldn’t mind so much, if it wasn’t the topic of conversation every time someone talks about the show. If there’s a publicity shot for the show, it’s of Radcliffe topless. No one stops and talks to him about the fundamental issues of playing a young teenage character growing up and needing psychiatric care. No one talks about the interesting stage design or the beautiful horse masks. All people seem to care about is Daniel Radcliffe getting taking his clothes off and showing everyone his wand, so to speak.

Is Daniel Radcliffe Right For The Part?

Is it stunt casting? Are there better actors out there? Is Radcliffe too associated with Children’s Literature to go naked on stage?

Is Daniel Radcliffe right for the part of Alan Strang?

Alan Strang (Radcliffe)

Equus Synopsis and Study notes
*may contain spoilers*
Equus tells the story of a troubled stable lad, Alan Strang, who has an unusual relationship with his horses. Worshipping his god, Equus, it all seems relatively harmless. Then interactions with the stable girl, Jill, takes a course of action that leads him to be submitted to a psychiatric care. Persuaded by his life long confident, Dr. Martin Dysart, child psychologist, takes on the boy and begins to unravel what happened, and what led him to brutally attack and blind six horses with a metal spike – all the time dealing with his own demons.

Originally opening as a play in the 1970s, starring Anthony Hopkins as Dysart, Equus has gone on to marvel audiences and inspire discussion. Amazon currently stock a study guide to Peter Shaffer’s
Equus as a digital download.many
universities and drama departments study the text and play, as it raises interesting debate about the nature of theatre and rituals, as well as innocence and loss. An intriguing set of characters guide us through this troublesome story. Questions are raised about identity, religion and sex. How did a teenage boy become so ensnared in a faith, to the extent that his staunch beliefs would give him such powerful feelings of guilt and shame, that would lead him to attempt destroying his very own god. Emotionally charged, gripping and captivating. An extraordinary play that will stay with you, even after you’ve left the theatre.

Want to Know More About Daniel Radcliffe?

What other theatre has Daniel Radcliffe been doing since Equus?
Since Equus, Daniel Radcliffe has been busy! Not only did he have to finish off the Harry Potter films, but he has gained a few more theatrical accolades under his belt.

He went to Broadway and starred in the musical How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. The musical was a super hit and went down very well with critics.

In the middle of 2013, he then went to star in The Cripple on Inishmaan as part of the Michael Grandage season at the Noel Coward theatre, London. Another challenging role, not only by virtue of having to perfect an Irish accent, but also because he had to play his role with half his body contorted into a cripple-like stance. I saw it in June, and it was excellent!
What are the Twitterati saying about Equus?

Alan and Gill, the Stable Girl

This is the prelude to Daniel Radcliffe’s controversial sex scene that-never-actually-happens in Equus