Seiki SE42UM, An Affordable TV for High Quality 4K TV

Seiki SE42UM is Seiki newest model of 4k tv. Seiki may not as popular as other massive brand like Sharp or Samsung but it does give good choice of tv selection. This model is an Ultra HD or 4K type of tv, which is a good thing. Its resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels.


Seiki TV can br connected to PC to play games and there are extra setting for better adjustment in the quality of the program watched. The tv is 50 inch wide, which is quite a wide one for the price that is only $1300. The tv is designed in a simple but elegant looking design with thin bezel and clear from any brand names. There is LED light below the screen to show status of the tv.


The Price of Seiki SE42UM

With only $319.99, buyers can get a 4K Ultra HD. Usually, people need to have at least $5000 for this kind of television so Seiki SE42UM is quite affordable. With only third less price than usual brand like Samsung or even Sony, buyers get 50 inch wide tv. It also supports connection to other devices like laptop and PC. The design is simple and though not strikingly look special, the simplicity of the design helps to make the picture in the tv looks clearer with no brand name or any other button to distract the sight.

Unfortunately, price speaks its quality. Even though it is 4K Ultra HD, it cannot compete with other 4K Ultra HD brands in terms of quality. The quality is just enough for the resolution unless we get to watch the tv in a very close view. Moreover, there is still few tv programs that support 4K Ultra HD and it will eventually set to just full HD so it kind of waste to have an Ultra HD TV, that is not even in its maximum quality and probably better be competed with  1080p tv.


Regardless, for a 4K Ultra HD TV that is priced third less than the common tv in its class, people with low budget is at advantage to enjoy a 50 inch wide television in a 4 times higher resolution without much money. The design, though plain, isn’t as cheap looking as its price on the market. Price compensate quality but then it is up to buyers to think whether it is worthy or not. To order Seiki SE42UM, you can click here.

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