How To Get The Most Out Of Your SLR Digital Camera

How To Get The Most Out Of Your SLR Digital Camera

In this day and age, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the technology of our digital SLR cameras and overlook the basics of photography.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your digital SLR camera:

1. Read the manual

This may seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many people never bother to read their camera manual. Your digital SLR camera is a complex piece of equipment and it’s important to understand how it works before using it.

2. Use the right lens

One of the great things about digital SLR cameras is that you can interchange the lenses depending on what you’re trying to photograph. If you’re shooting a landscape, for example, you’ll want to use a wide-angle lens. But if you’re trying to photograph a close-up of a flower, you’ll need a macro lens.

3. Shoot in RAW

If your digital SLR camera has the option to shoot in RAW, do it! RAW files are much larger than JPEGs but they contain all the information your camera captures when you take a photo. This gives you much more flexibility when editing your photos later on.

4. Use a tripod

If you want to avoid blurry photos, use a tripod. Tripods are especially important when shooting in low light or using a long lens.

5. Know your camera’s limits

Each digital SLR camera has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some are better in low light, while others have faster shutter speeds. Learn about your camera’s capabilities and limitations and you’ll be able to take better photos.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to get the most out of your digital SLR camera and take better photos.

The Benefits Of The Blink Outdoor 2 Camera System

The Benefits Of The Blink Outdoor 2 Camera System

First and foremost, it is a Blink system, which means that it is compatible with all other Blink products. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your home security system is compatible with the products you already own.

Another great benefit of the Blink Outdoor 2 Camera System is that it is very easy to install. The instructions are clear and concise, and the entire process takes less than five minutes.

The Blink Outdoor 2 Camera System also comes with a free Blink Sync Module, which allows you to sync your Blink cameras with your other Blink products. This is a great feature, as it allows you to have a complete home security system that is easy to use and manage.

Finally, the Blink Outdoor 2 Camera System is very affordable. It is one of the most affordable home security systems on the market, and it offers a great value for the money.

If you are looking for a home security system that is easy to install, compatible with other Blink products, and very affordable, then the Blink Outdoor 2 Camera System is the perfect choice for you.

First and foremost, it is an affordable and easy to install security solution for your home or business. With its two wireless cameras, you can keep an eye on what’s going on both inside and outside your property. The Blink Outdoor 2 also offers motion detection, night vision, and two-way audio, so you can stay aware of any potential threats, and respond quickly if necessary.

In addition to its security benefits, the Blink Outdoor 2 is also a great way to keep an eye on your pets or kids when you’re not at home. The cameras’ live streaming capabilities mean you can check in on them at any time, from anywhere. And if you need to leave them home alone for a while, the two-way audio feature lets you check in on them and make sure they’re okay, even if you’re not there in person.

So whether you’re looking for a security solution or just a way to stay connected to your loved ones when you’re not at home, the Blink Outdoor 2 Camera System is a great choice. Affordable, easy to install, and packed with features, it’s the perfect solution for any home or business.

Canon EOS M10 Review

Canon EOS M10 Review

The Bottom Line

Canon has not chosen to make significant investments in the mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (ILC) market, sticking with focusing on its very popular DSLR camera models. But Canon isn’t completely abandoning the mirrorless market either, as shown by its recent release of the Canon M10. It’s very much a beginner-level mirrorless camera, as shown in this Canon EOS M10 review, and, as such, it has some drawbacks.

But the M10 fits in pretty well against other cameras that have a similar price point, as well as against other entry-level mirrorless ILCs. It’s one of the least expensive mirrorless cameras on the market, even after you purchase a lens or two. (Keep in mind that you cannot use the same lenses for Canon DSLR cameras as you can for Canon mirrorless models.)

With some of this camera’s drawbacks, I’d almost be tempted to go with an entry-level Canon Rebel DSLR model over this one, as the basic DSLRs are only slightly more expensive than the M10.

Rebel DSLRs have been around for decades, and provide strong performance levels and image quality. The M10’s biggest benefit versus those entry-level Rebels is its thin size of just 1.38 inches without the lens attached. Otherwise, Canon’s Rebels will provide a better experience for most photographers over the M10.


  • Resolution: 18 megapixels
  • Optical zoom: NA, uses interchangeable lenses
  • LCD: 3.0-inch, 1,040,000 pixels (touch and tilt enabled)
  • Maximum image size: 5184 x 3456 pixels
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion
  • Dimensions: 4.25 x 2.62 x 1.38 inches
  • Weight: 10.6 ounces (including battery and memory card)
  • Image sensor: APS-C (22.3×14.9 mm)
  • Movie mode: HD 1080p


  • Low price for a mirrorless camera
  • Image quality is a bit above average versus other cameras in this price range
  • LCD screen is sharp and offers tilt and touch capabilities
  • Camera is easier to use than most interchangeable lens models
  • Movie recording is easy and full HD movies look great


  • Viewfinder is not included
  • No hot shoe for adding components
  • Camera’s image quality at high ISO settings is poor
  • Battery life isn’t as good as it should be, especially if you choose to use camera’s Wi-Fi
  • Shutter lag is a problem in some shooting situations

Image Quality

The Canon EOS M10 does a nice job with image quality versus other entry-level mirrorless cameras and versus other models in its price range. The M10’s images aren’t significantly better than its competitors, but they are above average. Personally, I like the image quality of Rebel DSLRs a little better than what’s found with the M10, but there isn’t a huge difference.

The Canon M10 does a nice job with indoor photography, nearly equal to its performance with outdoor photography in sunlight. This isn’t always the case with mirrorless cameras. The M10’s 18 megapixels of resolution and its APS-C sized image sensor allow for the good performance indoors.

However, the good indoor performance doesn’t continue if you’re shooting at a high ISO setting. Once you hit the midpoint of the M10’s ISO range — say around ISO 1600 — you’ll start to notice significant noise in the images, High ISO settings are not really usable with this camera. I’d suggest using the built-in flash unit wherever possible, rather than increasing the ISO past 800.


The Canon M10’s performance levels are impressive, as Canon gave this camera its DIGIC 6 image processor, which leads to some fast operational aspects. You can shoot between four and five frames per second in burst mode, which is a solid performance for a mirrorless camera. 

But I was a bit disappointed in the M10’s shutter lag, which can approach half a second in some shooting conditions where you’re unable to prefocus by holding down the shutter button halfway. At some point, you will miss some spontaneous photos because of this shutter lag issue. It certainly isn’t the type of shutter lag problem you’d experience with a basic point and shoot camera, but it is more noticeable than what you’d find with a Rebel DSLR.

Battery performance with this model is a bit below average, which is a disappointment. However, this is a common problem with thin mirrorless ILCs, as they must have a thin battery to fit the overall design of the camera. Just understand that if you choose to use the M10’s built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, the poor battery lifespan problem will be magnified.


The thin camera body found with the Canon M10 gives it an advantage over the Rebel DSLRs. No DSLR can match the EOS M10’s 1.38-inch thickness measurement. 

Although you can use the M10 one-handed, it’s a little difficult to hold this camera with one hand because it has no right-hand grip area. The front of the camera body is smooth, so you have to try to hold it more like a point and shoot camera with a pinching grip, which can be difficult because of the way the lens protrudes from the camera body. It’s just easier to hold the camera with two hands.

Canon gave the EOS M10 tiltable and touch screen capabilities, which is great to find on a camera that’s aimed at inexperienced photographers. The camera also has very few buttons and dials, meaning you’ll be using the screen the majority of time to make changes to the settings, so having touch capabilities makes this model easy to use.

The build quality for the EOS M10 is very solid. There’s no loose parts or flimsy aspects to this Canon model.

How to Promote a Show: Stage Play or Musical

How to Promote a Show: Stage Play or Musical

Promote a Show

There’s a lot of work that goes into bringing a theatrical production to the stage, but it isn’t very satisfying if there’s no audience there to see it. That’s why it’s so important to promote a show. Who doesn’t love playing to a sold out crowd?

Create a Webpage For Your Musical or Stage Play

your home base for all your online marketing
A good number of theatrical individuals would like to reside in a universe where should you build a little something extraordinary and interesting, the crowd beats down a path to your door. In fact that is almost definitely accurate, but what if it takes a lifetime for your viewers to locate you? For how long could you lose time waiting for the word to get out about the excellent work you’re creating on stage? When it requires a couple of weeks for your buzz to begin hitting regarding your performance, your run might be done.

The simple truth is you would like to have people in the house now. You most likely do not have a massive marketing budget to use, but you don’t automatically need one. You’ll find lots of methods these days that enable you to tell the people about your performance while not demanding a massive outlay of money. With some approaches the only thing you need to spend will be your effort.

What precisely am I eluding to? You can use internet sites like Facebook and Twitter to build a fan base for your show, particularly when members of your performance happen to be engaged in those internet sites. Whenever you incorporate photos and videos in social media sites such as these, you can find a substantial amount of attention very easily. Think it over. If I view a fantastic image or video clip all it takes is a second to pass it along to my contacts.

These websites don’t work very well inside a vacuum, however. When anybody encounters a tweet related to your performance and chooses to know more, exactly where would they head to? For this reason you need to have an internet site. It is the central location for every single piece of your web-based promotions. End up with someone curious enough they want to know more. Next make sure you come with a internet site that provides them with a link or even a number to order tickets.

Web sites will not be tough to produce. Certainly you are able to hire a web design business to set up a remarkably intricate web site with world-class design and sophisticated capabilities. That is certainly wonderful when you can pay for it, but it really isn’t absolutely vital. Get a domain name for ten dollars and create a lens at Squidoo. It may not be the most intricate site known to man, but it surely helps it be a whole lot less work to sell tickets.

Use Video to Promote Your Show

give people a taste of what they’re in for

Video does very well online, and sites like YouTube make it incredibly easy to get up. The biggest challenge is usually finding a videographer on a budget, but if you manage that you can get some great promotional pieces like this one.