Not Another Watercolour Painting Tutorial

Not Another Watercolour Painting Tutorial

Do We Need Another Watercolour Tutorial?

Need help with watercolour? In this short page, I hope to reveal how I use the process of sketching to develop an eye for a subject and a process for capturing what seems a limitless scene. Constant sketching and varying an approach just to see what something looks like will help all artists who are trying to capture landscapes in watercolour.

Do we need another watercolour tutorial? The easy answer is no! But of course there is always room for an experienced artist ( with a modest outlook) to pass on some of that experience to fellow artists who may just be starting out on a journey of discovery.

I intend to create a series of lenses about sketching subjects ( such as trees, skies, sunsets, sunrise and the use of colours) whilst these are taking shape this lens should be considered a work in progress – thanks.

The accompanying sketch shows a still life painted at a meeting of my art group. This and all other images below are sketched and photographed/scanned by myself.

Why Sketch?

shouldn’t you just go for a finished picture?

Even the great artists sketch…. and the more they do this the better they are likely to be. Turner left many sketches to the nation after his death. Even his skimpiest works show how he was approaching issues like skies and landscapes. The constant sketching will more than repay the investment in time for any artist.

A painting simply called watercolour beginning shows a simple Turner sketch which probably would have been completed in the fullness of time. There are many of these in books and galleries but I have not yet located a web link. ( In fact, a brochure from an exhibition of Turner’s works held at the Tate does have a few things to say about the watercolour beginnings). One other example of a sketch by Turner is shown in this Tate Gallery Blog post which also discusses the faded appearance of the watercolour sketch.

I often simply use up the remains of my palette to create sketches from my imagination – a little like doodling really but it does help to keep my pictorial vocabulary in use and growing. These sketches I call my “Turnerisms”, they show this simplistic doodling approach to landscape subjects. Not something I would frame and hang on the wall but “hey” they were done for fun and practice, and what is life without a little fun now and then. Just for reference they are all from a sketchbook which is about six inches wide, ( the longest dimesion in these sketches).

They were actually done on cartridge paper and so the effect of wet-into-wet washes is not very relevant but having fun and making marks is never a waste of time. In this series of lenses I hope to be showing you many more of my sketches, some in this vein, some looking more like finished works but all have the main objective of teaching me something.

As for the second question above, it is always worth sketching out one or two small thumbnail sketches to decide on compositional features prior to starting any major project/painting. Professionals do it, what makes any amateur think that they don’t need to? read about any major artist and the chances are that he will know what he is going to paint and how he is going to achieve any particular result before he starts. Why take a chance? Of course there are many instances of paintings being changed part way through but by and large even the masters will have made sketches of potential problem areas before the main work is started.

Some examples of what I am saying would be an obvious update to this lens, at the earliest opportunity. watch this space!

What Makes Jersey Boys So Specific? Must Watch Jersey Boys Musical

What Makes Jersey Boys So Specific? Must Watch Jersey Boys Musical

Jersey Boys Tickets For 2013 Show Season

Jersey Boys is one of the best musicals of the era. It started with a musical band and after getting a huge success in music industry Jersey Boys came into the musical theater world. In theaters Jersey Boys has achieved the marvelous fan following and likes. Now 2013 season is on for Jersey Boys and tickets are on sale. There is a high demand of Jersey Boys tickets and it seems that this musical is going to break all the records of highest grossing shows like Wicked and The Lion King So, don’t let this chance go away to watch the best musical of today’s world.

Jersey Boys

One of the Best Musicals

Start to count the ways as why you want to move with the Cheap Jersey Boys Tickets? Let’s have a move with your favorite collar boys this year as they are back with the same tune to entertain more audiences. But before entering this charming and attractive show you must know why it’s popular among the millions of audiences. First of all the symphonies played in the musical are touchy and loveable! The songs and tale absolutely fit with each other as the audiences get fully surprised. It’s not an ordinary musical, has been honored with Tony Award in 2006. Frankie Valli and the four seasons has blasted the stage with this soul capturing event. The astonishing thing is that the craze of people for this play is not decreasing in fact it’s continuously in increase and every time feels the viewers that they are watching this first time. No one knows what the attraction show has but in spite this all they insist to hold cheap Jersey Boys tickets.

The play is a source of courage for the teenagers! In fact a massive number of spectators come to see these collar boys. They travel from far distances to watch this highly esteemed play. Due to these attractions the play performs again and again and returning back to maintain this entertainment chain. Moreover this Broadway production is well arranged, running for last 8 years. They have production houses in all major countries Singapore, Las Vegas, Australia and London. One thing that snatches the attention of the audiences is the hit songs that have familiar themes like “Oh, What a Night,” “Sherry,” “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” and many others. A few weeks ago the live theatre musical brought millions of dollars at the box office. A queue of couples just came to experience the magnet single “Girls’ Night Out,”, the track enriches the tale of the 4 blue collar guys who rose up from the streets of the Newark to the peak of the rock music glory also has a remarkable appeal for guys. The Jersey Boys Tickets are totally flat from the scratch ad one can’t get bored soon until he watches it again and again. If you take analysis of the small aspects of the show you will surely follow it ushers that compel audiences to do something.

Jersey Boys Tickets

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Some of The Biggest Musicals

Recall The French Revolution With Les Miserables The Musical
Les Miserables the musical show is going on many venues and places over the globe. Particularly in London, Pennsylvania and Michigan. These three places are the hottest venues and stations for the Les Miserables. Les Miserables is a show which provides a full dose of entertainment, thrill and the emotional touch of French Revolution memories. Fans are getting them selves reserved for the upcoming shows of this marvelous historical Musical theatre show. So, book your self too to enjoy Les Miserables.

Fifth Longest Running Show in Broadway History The Lion King
Disney’s landmark event The Lion King has attained the title of Fifth Longest-Running show in the history of Broadway on August 15 2012. At the Minskoff Theatre on August 15 this spectacular musical has completed its 6,138th performance surpassing the genuine Broadway production of “A Chorus Line”, which had previously held that position. Approximately this Tony-winning musical has run almost 91 years since its Broadway premier on November 13, 1997.

The Book Of Mormon Is Coming To Dallas For 2013/2014
The season of 2013 and 2014 of the Book of Mormon is gearing up and is coming to Dallas for its national tour to dazzle the theatergoers with true theatrical entertainment. People all around the world are looking forward for this show that is going to take place at the AT&T Performing Arts Center’s Winspear Opera House as part of the Lexus Broadway Series. The Book of Mormon is the musical of the century and people watching the show enjoys the heaven on Broadway. The Book of Mormon since its premier rave reviews from fans and critics as well. The musical began its run for the first time in March, 2011 and since then has been capturing the souls of the adult audience. There is a big hand of the stellar cast that always offer cherished show. The fully packed performances on the national tour will be worth watching.