Theatre Breaks For Families In The UK

Theatre Breaks For Families In The UK

Theatre Breaks For Families

Are you looking to take your family to the theatre and stay overnight? Have you thought about a theatre break family package? You can save money by booking both the show and the hotel together as a package.

Here you will find a collection theatre breaks for families – some of the best London west end family shows and family friendly hotels together, at the best prices.

Take full advantage of getting to see one of London’s West End Shows for families, and afterwards stay over in one of the best family friendly hotels. For me one of the benefits of doing it this way is that we get to have a nice family outing together, without the long, tiring journey back home after, where the kids are screaming and everyone is exhausted and grumpy. Instead, after the show has finished you can head back to the hotel, relax and enjoy the facilities for the rest of the evening, and head home the next day when everyone is well slept and refreshed.

Sometimes it can be hard to find a family friendly UK break. Theatre breaks are perfect for families with children of all ages (yes even grown up ones!). The excitement of getting to see a show together and spend some family time, without all the rushing!

Here you will find a selection of the best West End shows for families, and the best London hotels for families reviewed and rated, and you can combine the show you would like to see with the hotel that is most suitable for your family, to create your perfect family theatre break.

Family Theatre Tickets UK

Enjoy a Family Trip To London!
At the top half of the page you will find a selection of the best west end shows for families. And the second half of the page lists and reviews several family friendly hotels that you can stay at. If you click through using the links given you will be able to combine the show you would like to see with the hotel you would like to stay in for your ideal family theatre break.


Prices are correct as of February 2013 and are an estimate only. They will vary depending on the deal you chose and are subject to change.

The Lion King

West End Show For Families
The Lion King is a visually stunning production which brings to life this captivating family tale using costumes and colourful performance. If you loved the film you will love the show. Simba’s journey, portrayed through dazzling dances and displays of colour, make you feel as though you are in Africa!


Matilda the Musical

Based on Roald Dahl’s classic novel, this show is loved by children and adults alike. The songs are composed by Tim Minchin and along with Director Dennis Kelly, brings fun and hilarity to the story.

If you don’t already know the story Matilda is an extremely intelligent young girl who possesses psychokinetic powers. She is neglected by her family and finds solace in a female teacher who is impressed by her wit, and an unlikely and touching bond if formed.


Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot the film was a HUGE hit, and the show has the added benefit of music from Sir Elton John! This is a spectacular show better suited to older children and teenagers, as well as adults. With lots of singing and dancing, this high energy performance will leave you all buzzing with plenty to talk about over dinner.

The story is about a boy from a small mining town where life is tough and the men are tougher. He is being brought up by his single Dad and life if not easy. When Billy takes an interest in ballet his father is not best pleased but Billy is enthralled by the dance and starts a quest to become a successful male ballet dancer. It’s an emotional tale full of ups and downs and ultimately a feel good show.


To book your family theatre break to see Billy Elliot click here: Theatre Breaks with Superbreak

War Horse

Set at the beginning of world war 1, this is the gripping tale of a young boy’s love for his horse. When Albert’s horse Joey is sold as a war horse to serve his country, the young boy sets out on a risky and dangerous journey to find the horse again. It’s based on a novel by Micheal Morpurgo and has been called a work of genius.


To book to see War Horse click here: Theatre Breaks with Superbreak


This is a new production based on the film Shrek, with all the familiar characters including Donkey and Fiona. This musical is full of comedy value and a real treat for the ears.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a magical tale with lots of imagination about a young boy living in poverty with his family whose luck changes the day he finds a golden ticket inside a bar of chocolate. This story is so well known and well loved that is has been made into a film several times over, most recently starring Johnny Depp as the eccentric and interesting character of Willy Wonka.

The story was written by Roald Dahl and is brought to the theatre by Sam Mendes.



Stomp is a unique and amazing show, not least because the music is created using everyday objects such as dustbin lids and brooms and the choreography is based around that. It’s ingenious and fascinating to watch as the performers build the music and routines up to a crescendo.

This is an award winning family show that will stay in your memory for a long time to come.


The hotels listed below are a sample of what is available with one of these packages, along with reviews. They are up to date as of February 2013, however this is intended for information only and no guarantees can be made that the hotels will be available at the time of your trip.

Travelodge London Docklands

This hotel is a good choice for the budget conscious, although the facilities are still very comfortable and clean. It’s a 3 star, family friendly hotel located in the London Docklands, with easy access from the A13, and is about 2.5 miles from the west end. If you stay here as part of your package you will save yourself some money, so perhaps you can treat yourself to an extra special family dinner.

There is a cafe restaurant at the site as well as on site parking (although there is a small charge for the parking).

London Novotel Excel

This hotel is ideally located really close to the centre of London with stunning views over the Thames and a fabulous restaurant facility. This is a very clean and luxurious hotel and provides a tranquil retreat amongst the hustle and bustle of central London.

There are also gym facilities on site.

Novotel London Greenwich

This is a luxury 4 star family friendly hotel located in Greenwich, which is an area of London that is steeped in history. The hotel is located by the train and DLR lines providing very easy access to central London. There is wi-fi, a gym and two restaurants.

This is a truly lovely hotel with excellent reviews.

The Savoy

If you like a little more luxury this option is for you. Perhaps it’s a special occasion and you want to treat your family to a special family London trip?

This iconic hotel has hand a recent refurbishment and is now proud to offer its customers the best of luxury. It’s a very traditionally British hotel with an Edwardian theme.

Playwright Zoo

Playwright Zoo

Zoo playwriting?

A resource linking you to some of the coolest new trends as well as classics particular to playwrights and their craft. — And check out the Playwright Zoo Archive for past musings and featured artists.

Polar Bears

The coolest.
Michael R. McGuire is one of the playwrights whose opinion I trust. He’s a theater artist working within his community as a major contributor to the local arts scene in New London, Connecticut. He is a self-taught self-starter who also helps other theater-artists see their work produced. I’ve know Mike for a few decades, and we’ve worked together to co-produce new-play festivals and full-up productions. He founded a playwrights group that meets regularly throughout the year where members bring new work to have it read and discussed (then we all go out for food and beer). He’s the kind of guy you want to have around when you’re trying to get a new piece on its feet. Everybody should have a friend like Mike.

Michael R. McGuire has written plays for the past 16 years. His play SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE I MISSED THE TRAIN was part of The Lark’s 2004 Playwrights Week and showcased by The Planning Stage at The Golden Street Gallery in 2006. He was awarded a CT Artist Fellowship in 2005 for his play THE NEW GIRL with which he produced a showcase at the Avery Point Playhouse. His plays PERSEPHONE RULES! and THE MISJUDGMENT OF OENONE are published by Brooklyn Publishers.

McGuire founded the playwrights reading group Writers’ Roundtable in 2000.

The interview:

Michael R. McGuire – why the “R”?

There is another playwright in America named Michael McGuire. We were getting one another’s rejection letters returned. The other McGuire has been around longer so I added my middle initial. Plus, it sounds cooler.

You’re a playwright based in Southeastern Connecticut. What are some of the challenges to you as a playwright not being in a big city?

The biggest challenge is the lack of opportunity to network with theater professionals. Literary managers have no face to put with my name. Of course this might also be an advantage…

What are the benefits?

I enjoy being an outsider. Because so many playwrights live in NY, they tend to have a New York sensibility. My New London, CT sensibility is a bit different and informs my writing.

Living in a small arts community like New London County, how essential to you and your work has been the acquisition of production skills?

I have produced, directed and also acted in many of my own productions. It is essential for a playwright to see the work in front of an audience. If opportunities do not present themselves, you must create them.

What makes you want to produce the works of others as well as your own?

I sometimes come across a script that I simply must see on stage. Your play TO DIE FOR WANT OF LOBSTER was one of these. (That it had a great role for me had nothing to do with it)

I do not consider myself an especially skilled director of the works of others and prefer to leave that to others when I can.

Being outside of the mainstream loops and circles that life in New York or another theater hub could offer, how do you get your work out there? Do you have a marketing plan? If so, how does it work?

I wouldn’t call it a plan so much as a dogged tenacity to submit my work to every theater I can find that might be appropriate. In addition to Dramatists Sourcebook, I also search online and scour the resumes of playwrights I admire for theaters they began in.

I keep a database of all my submissions and mail frequently. How does it work? I’m not so sure it does!

While the stereotype of the struggling playwright places him/her in a room, alone, flushing out genius across pages, waiting for discovery – how does it really work from your experience? Are you alone or do you depend on others?

I write in coffee shops. I need a bit of hubbub to write. Silence is deadly to me. I read a great deal and consider all writing as part of a larger conversation. Nothing is created in a vacuum. Our playwrights group Writers’ Roundtable has been a valuable resource for feedback and inspiration.

How did you find other artists in your small-town community to work on your plays?

Mine is a theater-heavy small-town due, in part, to our proximity to The O’Neill. New London has an artistically thriving if financially struggling community. I am also fortunate to have an actress girlfriend, Heidi Harger, who has inspired imagery for more than one of my plays.

What resources are do you use to expand your knowledge of writing? What’s available when you’re off the beaten path?
Given everything that is available elsewhere is available here. The works of Gary Garrison, Jeffery Sweet and Stuart Spenser have been valuable, especially early on. Reading the works of current playwrights has also been important. I have to travel a bit to see professional theater, but every playwright should watch live theater.

You recently participated in a 24-hour play experiment, which was the first of it’s kind in the New London area – what was that like? What was unexpected?

We were given an assignment in the evening and had to have a 10 page play written by morning. The plays were handed off to randomly selected actors and director who rehearsed and had the play before an audience that night. It was fun for me because I didn’t have to direct it myself, a rare treat.

Unexpectedly my director, unknown to me before the project, is interested in an on-going collaboration on future plays.

You’ve also participated in the now defunct Local Playwrights Festival at the O’Neill Theater Center, which was produced and performed by all Connecticut and Rhode Island based volunteers to present workshops of plays by local authors – how relevant was that earlier experience for you?

Having an early play (WHAT’S GONNA SET YOU FREE?) selected for that festival was the encouragement I needed at that time to let me know I might be in the right business. It also introduced me to other playwrights and the local theater community at large. It is impossible to overstate the importance of that event. You may blame them for all my subsequent scribbling.

Any plans for the short play that came out of that?

I’m not much of a short play writer in general, but I may send it out here and there.

What are some recommend reads for playwrights?

I mentioned some writers above, and of course read any play you can get your hands on, but also read magazines, novels, comic books, essays and everything else. Ideas are everywhere. I could live ten lifetimes and not run out of ideas.

What do you recommend a playwright order from the bar when being taken out after a showing of one of his/her plays?

If the show went well, have a Guiness or two. Remain sober enough to absorb the praise. If the show went poorly, start pounding whiskey. I accept no responsibility for anyone who follows this advice.

Anything else?

Learn the rules and then break them with style.

The Monkey House

Musings on the state of theater-arts

A Playwright & Web Forums: How to Use Them for the POWER OF GOOD
(your good & others)
from the mind of Kato McNickle

There are a lot of playwright specific forums, groups on Facebook or MySpace, and other web-based cyber-groups floating around. One thing I’ve noticed from participating in these forums and groups is that about 1 outta 50 playwrights actually knows how to interface, interact, and maximize the potential of these virtual porticoes. How savvy are you when it comes to participation thru posting? Are you that one or the other 50?

If that forum your a member of was a theater — what would you do with it? Would you really only tap on the mike once our twice, see if it was on, and only leave a brief calling card — or would you do more? Can you do something more memorable, more lasting, more significant with your stage-time?

I think sites such as these are like stage-time. How can you do more than leave a calling card? How can you use this forum to make a statement — to leave an impression? From impressions come connections. The connections are what we seeks as artists.

Visit the Playwright Zoo Archive.

Creative Creatures

Workshops for the writer @ Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

Writing as a spiritual practice, a creative path, or as a way to re-vision your life story helps you access the thoughts behind your thoughts and experience a new intimacy with yourself. Writing helps us make friends with our inner critic, freeing us to create and express without inhibition.

Kripalu provides a welcoming environment in which to turn inward toward the words that are calling you-and offers you a variety of skilled teachers to guide you on the next step of your writing journey.

FastLinks to theaters

These theaters accept unsolicited plays

Actors Theatre of Louisville
Louisville, KY. National 10-minute play contest.

Act II Playhouse
Ambler, PA. Full length plays, musicals, and solo pieces.

African Continuum Theatre
Washington, DC. Multicultural work relevant to African-American community.

Alabama Shakespeare Festival
Montgomery, AL. Plays from Southern writers with Southern or African-American themes.

Amas Musical Theatre, Inc.
NYC. Multicultural casts and themes.

ART Station
Stone Mountain, GA. Full-length plays, musicals, solo pieces that describe Southern experience.

Asian American Theatre Company
San Francisco, CA. Innovative rendrings about the Asian American experience.

Bristol River Theatre
Bristol, PA Cutting-edge works, plays that experiment with form.

Celebration Theatre
West Hollywood, CA. Plays not previously produced that provide a prgressive gay and lesbian voice in contemporary theatre.

Centre Stage-South Carolina
Greenville, SC. Full-length, unproduced plays.

City Theatre
Miami, FL. One acts only that represent a diverse mix of subjects and themes.

Columbus Children’s Theatre
Columbus, OH. Social issue one-acts acceptable for audiences in grades K-5.

Dad’s Garage
Atlanta, GA. Full-length nontraditional plays, comedies.

Detroit Repertory Theatre
Detroit, MI. Full-length issue oriented plays.

East West Players
Los Angeles, CA. Plays by or about the Asian American experience.

El Centro Su Teatro
Bilingual and/or Spanish language plays, plays dealing with the Chicano/Latino cultural asthetic or political experience.

Express Children’s Theatre
Houston, TX. Plays for young audiences.

5th Avenue Theatre
Seattle, WA. Adventure Musical Theatre: ongoing program that commissions original musicals performed for K-6 students.

Foothill Theatre
Nevada City, CA. Seeks full-length plays. New Voices of the Wild West: annual spring series of plays about the rural American West.

Growing Stage Theatre
Netcong, NJ. Accepts plays with a production history suitable for family audiences.

Hangar Theatre
Ithaca, NY. Accepts one-acts for for young audiences only.

Huntington Theatre
Boston, MA. Accepts plays from Boston area playwrights only; agent submission all others.

Jewish Theatre of the South
Atlanta, GA. Works on Jewish themes.

Jobsite Theater
Tampa, FL. Topical, politically and socially relevant theatre; plays appealing to 20- and 30- somethnings.

Kitchen Dog Theater Company
Dallas, TX. Plays from Texas and Southwest playwrights.

Kuma Kahua Theatre
Honolulu, HI. Plays set in Hawaii or dealing with Hawaiian experience.

Merry-Go-Round Playhouse
Auburn, NY. Plays for young audiences.

Mill Mountain Theatre
Roanoke, VA. Accepts unsolicited one-acts for CenterPieces reding series only.

Miracle Theatre Group
Portland, OR. Hispanic playwrights, plays that deal with the Hispanic experience.

Mu Performing Arts
Minneapolis, MN. Asian-American expeience, plays combining traditional Asian performance with Western theatre styles, short plays suitable for school tours.

New Georges
NYC. plays by women only, works with vigorous use of language and heightened perspectives on reality.

New Jersey Repertory Company
Long Branch, NJ. Work not produced professionally, social or humanistic themes.

A Noise Within
Glendale, CA. Translations or adaptations of classical material only.

Oldcastle Theatre Company
Bennington, VT. Accepts musicals and plays.

OpenStage Theatre & Company
Fort Collins, CO. Accepts full-length plays.

Oregon Children’s Theatre
Portland, OR. Plays and musicals for young and family audiences.

Playhouse on the Square
Memphis, TN. Full-length plays and musicals.

Playwrights Horizons
NYC. American writers only, works with strong sense of language that take theatrical risks.

Porchlight Music Theatre Chicago
Chicago, IL. Full-length and one-act musicals.

Sanctuary: Playwrights Theatre
Brooklyn, NY. Accepts playwrights with at least one professional production only; prefers plays with unusul structure, radical core ideas, epic form, work that’s off the map or otherwise seen as impractical.

Seattle Children’s Theatre
Seattle, WA. Accepts unsolicted plays for Drama Summer School season only: one-act plays suitable for young actors.

Lawrence, KS. Plays for young audiences.

Soho Repertory Theatre
NYC. Accepts unsolicited scripts for Writer/Director Lab only, deadline: May.

TADA! Youth Theater
NYC. Plays for young audiences.

Thalia Spanish Theatre
Sunnyside, NY. Plays with Hispanic themes.

Theater by he Blind
NYC. Works by and about being blind.

Theater for the New City
NYC. Experimental American works; plays with poetry, music, and dance; social issues.

Trustus Theatre
Columbia, SC. One-acts for late night series – 45-75 minutes in length. No topic or experimental structure is taboo.

Two Chairs Theater Company
Grand Junction, CO. Full-length, one-acts, 10-minute plays. Annual short play fest, deadline Jan. 31.

Unicorn Theatre
Kansas City. MO. Full-length contemporay social issues.

Victory Gardens Theater
Chicago, IL. Accepts plays from Chicago residents only. All others submit 10-page sample and letter of inquiry.

VS Theatre Company
Los Angeles, CA. Accepts unique and edgy full-length unproduced plays with submission form.

West Coast Ensemble
Los Angeles, CA. Plays not previously produced in Southern California.

Wings Theatre Company, Inc.
NYC. Gay themed musicals and plays only.

The York Theatre Company
NYC. Small cast musicals.

What Makes Jersey Boys So Specific? Must Watch Jersey Boys Musical

What Makes Jersey Boys So Specific? Must Watch Jersey Boys Musical

Jersey Boys Tickets For 2013 Show Season

Jersey Boys is one of the best musicals of the era. It started with a musical band and after getting a huge success in music industry Jersey Boys came into the musical theater world. In theaters Jersey Boys has achieved the marvelous fan following and likes. Now 2013 season is on for Jersey Boys and tickets are on sale. There is a high demand of Jersey Boys tickets and it seems that this musical is going to break all the records of highest grossing shows like Wicked and The Lion King So, don’t let this chance go away to watch the best musical of today’s world.

Jersey Boys

One of the Best Musicals

Start to count the ways as why you want to move with the Cheap Jersey Boys Tickets? Let’s have a move with your favorite collar boys this year as they are back with the same tune to entertain more audiences. But before entering this charming and attractive show you must know why it’s popular among the millions of audiences. First of all the symphonies played in the musical are touchy and loveable! The songs and tale absolutely fit with each other as the audiences get fully surprised. It’s not an ordinary musical, has been honored with Tony Award in 2006. Frankie Valli and the four seasons has blasted the stage with this soul capturing event. The astonishing thing is that the craze of people for this play is not decreasing in fact it’s continuously in increase and every time feels the viewers that they are watching this first time. No one knows what the attraction show has but in spite this all they insist to hold cheap Jersey Boys tickets.

The play is a source of courage for the teenagers! In fact a massive number of spectators come to see these collar boys. They travel from far distances to watch this highly esteemed play. Due to these attractions the play performs again and again and returning back to maintain this entertainment chain. Moreover this Broadway production is well arranged, running for last 8 years. They have production houses in all major countries Singapore, Las Vegas, Australia and London. One thing that snatches the attention of the audiences is the hit songs that have familiar themes like “Oh, What a Night,” “Sherry,” “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” and many others. A few weeks ago the live theatre musical brought millions of dollars at the box office. A queue of couples just came to experience the magnet single “Girls’ Night Out,”, the track enriches the tale of the 4 blue collar guys who rose up from the streets of the Newark to the peak of the rock music glory also has a remarkable appeal for guys. The Jersey Boys Tickets are totally flat from the scratch ad one can’t get bored soon until he watches it again and again. If you take analysis of the small aspects of the show you will surely follow it ushers that compel audiences to do something.

Jersey Boys Tickets

Take the full advantage of this live musical. If you have recently turned to teenage then it’s a chance for you to taste this jukebox through the cheap Jersey Boys tickets. Start browsing now from your home just in few seconds you will easily grasp tickets according to your choice. Moreover if you have limited budget then it more easy for you because many sites are available on the internet are offering 10% discount. No matter you are working in an office or full time employee and unable to retrieve tickets. Because all tickets are delivered at home prior the event.

Some of The Biggest Musicals

Recall The French Revolution With Les Miserables The Musical
Les Miserables the musical show is going on many venues and places over the globe. Particularly in London, Pennsylvania and Michigan. These three places are the hottest venues and stations for the Les Miserables. Les Miserables is a show which provides a full dose of entertainment, thrill and the emotional touch of French Revolution memories. Fans are getting them selves reserved for the upcoming shows of this marvelous historical Musical theatre show. So, book your self too to enjoy Les Miserables.

Fifth Longest Running Show in Broadway History The Lion King
Disney’s landmark event The Lion King has attained the title of Fifth Longest-Running show in the history of Broadway on August 15 2012. At the Minskoff Theatre on August 15 this spectacular musical has completed its 6,138th performance surpassing the genuine Broadway production of “A Chorus Line”, which had previously held that position. Approximately this Tony-winning musical has run almost 91 years since its Broadway premier on November 13, 1997.

The Book Of Mormon Is Coming To Dallas For 2013/2014
The season of 2013 and 2014 of the Book of Mormon is gearing up and is coming to Dallas for its national tour to dazzle the theatergoers with true theatrical entertainment. People all around the world are looking forward for this show that is going to take place at the AT&T Performing Arts Center’s Winspear Opera House as part of the Lexus Broadway Series. The Book of Mormon is the musical of the century and people watching the show enjoys the heaven on Broadway. The Book of Mormon since its premier rave reviews from fans and critics as well. The musical began its run for the first time in March, 2011 and since then has been capturing the souls of the adult audience. There is a big hand of the stellar cast that always offer cherished show. The fully packed performances on the national tour will be worth watching.

Top 5 Musicals

Top 5 Musicals

My Musicals

Musicals are one of my favorite things in life. I look forward to the production, the music, but mostly the story itself. For those who have not had the pleasure of the musical theatre experience, it is so much more than people just singing and dancing on a stage. Musicals really capture the essence of living, life and any emotional experience anyone could relate to; as long as you are able to open your heart and mind to the fantasy and wonderment of it all. The following are my personal favorite musicals. These are the musicals which have left a lasting impression on my life and touched me through the amazing stories being told and music lyrics. In some cases I feel the songs could have been written for my life. Perhaps, that is why I relate so much to these musicals because in a way they are pieces of my life both past and present. These musicals bring me comfort; they are like “home” to me. I hope you enjoy my favorites and maybe if you’ve never been to a musical or seen these shows, you may be intrigue enough to experience them for yourself.


Wicked is the “Untold story of the witches of OZ”, which is loosely based on the book by the same name by Gregory Maguire. The two main characters are Elphaba (Later to be referred to as the Wicked Witch of the West) and Galinda, later Glinda (also known as the Good Witch of the North) and how they became who we all know of them through “The Wizard of Oz”. Elphaba was an outcast and misunderstood from the very beginning. She was never accepted due to being born “green” and no one taking the time to get to know the real person inside. She was judged for misperception due to people’s ignorance and fear. Galinda, on the other hand, lived a charmed life surrounded by many family and friends that adored and loved her. She always seemed to manage to get her way and things came easy for her in life. Beauty was a trait Galinda processed, she knew it and used it to her advantage any way she could, always. Eventually, Elphaba and Galinda attend school together and needless to say have nothing in common and “loathe” each other. As is true in life, people normally have more in common than not, and Elphaba and Galinda do find their common ground and work in “tandem”, becoming close friends.

Wicked is my favorite musical by far, and Elphaba is my favorite character. If there was any character I was most like and could see several life reflections through their own actions that would be Elphaba. I have spent most of my life being an outsider and misunderstood. I’ve never been the “popular “one, nor have my opinions or feelings come across as me coming from a place of “good”. In the past I’ve often been way too sensitive to others reactions towards either me, the way I look or even my compassion for the treatment of animals. Elphaba processes all these qualities throughout Wicked and although in the end, her friend can see her as the kind, humane and “good” person she truly is, people want to believe what they are told. After a few whispers in the ear and a reputation is a difficult thing to change in the eyes of others, once doubt creeps in.

The music within Wicked is brilliant and the lyrics are amazing. Two songs from the Musical stand out for me, especially in my life right now, they are “For Good” and “I’m Not That Girl”. “For Good” speaks of gratitude and forgiveness for a person who has changed your life and made you a better person. Through the ups and downs of a relationship you learn and grow. It has to be one of the most brilliantly written “Thank you” letters I’ve ever heard. “I’m Not That Girl” tells of letting go and the realization that you are not the “one” for the man that you love. Anyone’s that has felt this kind of pain knows that these words express it all. Wicked makes you think, brings to light social issues and also is a spectacular feast for the eyes, ears, and the heart. It’s “Wonderful!”


Rent is the story of seven friends in New York; some straight, some gay and some of which are surviving HIV/AIDS. There is several love stories intertwined within the friendships, which makes for some drama throughout the musical, and what is life without some drama? The two main love stories are between MiMi and Roger, the straight couple, who are both HIV positive due to drugs use. The other couple is Angel and Collins, also both positive and they are the gay couple. There’s also a love triangle between a straight man and his former girlfriend whom now is dating a lesbian.

The couple I relate to the most is MiMi and Roger. They are constantly on and off and have trouble communicating properly, although they do truly love each other. This is reminiscence of my last relationship. The couple I’d like to strive to be more like is Angel and Collins. Everyone actually admires the relationship Angel and Collins have, as they both entirely love and respect each other as they are, and they’re very supportive and giving. A line from “Goodbye Love” states “I’d be happy to die for a taste of what Angel had-Someone to live for-unafraid to say I love you%u2026”

Rent has some amazing and heart wrenching musical lyrics. Some of the stand out songs are, “I’ll Cover You”, “Will I”, “Without You” and “Seasons of Love”. My personal favorite would have to be “I’ll Cover You”, a song sung by Angel and Collins to each other to profess their love for one another. They recite to each other “I think they meant it when they said you can’t buy love. Now I know you can rent it. A new lease you are, my love, on life-be my life.” It’s absolutely beautiful. Rent teaches us all the art of compassion, tolerance and acceptance, reminding us that there is “no day but today”.

The Lion King

The Lion King is the musical based on the Disney film of the same name. I had absolutely loved “The Lion King” the movie, when I heard they were making it into a musical I was excited and a little apprehensive as well. Well, I had nothing to worry about because this musical is brilliantly spectacular. The way they bring everything to life is truly an amazing feat and I’m in awe every time I go to see the production.

I’m sure we are well aware of the story line for this musical due to the popularity of the movie. The reason this musical is so near and dear to my heart is for the following reasons. I’ve always been drawn to “cats” of all kinds since I was a young boy. There is some kind of connection between myself and the king of the beasts. Whether it be Lions or Tigers, both I find to be the most beautiful animals in the world. So, obviously when this film and then musical came about I was instantly on board. Not only did The Lion King have my favorite animal front and center, but the story line was one I could relate to as well. Simba losses his father and struggles with his place in society and coming to terms with what is truly the right path for him to choice in life. I too have lost my father and have done my fair share of running away from my problems, or thinking I was doing so. Throughout my trials I’ve always felt the presence of my father looking out for me and guiding me along the way.

As in all great musicals, the music tells a lot of the story and once again The Lion King provides some of the best music and lyrics. The music was written by Elton John, whom I have been a huge fan of since I was a child. Another reason I loved The Lion King. Of course, the stand out song is “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”. The Lion King is definitely a must see. What’s better than a production that gives us Hakuna Matata? It means no worries for the rest of your days. What a wonderful thought.

American Idiot

American Idiot is the story of three young men, their friendship and the paths they each choose while trying to find themselves. All three, Johnny, Will and Tunny plan on leaving the small town they are from and hitting the big city to pursue the life they dream of, whatever that may be. Will ends up having to stay in town as he is taking on the responsibility of getting his girlfriend pregnant. Tunny joins the military and Johnny heads to the city on his own. All three experience eye opening life changing events.

The two characters I related to most were Will and Johnny. I also have gone through the struggles that come with having a child at a young age and not being fully prepared for the responsibilities that come with this full time job. Will felt trapped and angry that he wasn’t able to leave town with his friends and experience a new life. Living with regret and resentment never ends well. Johnny on the other hand is pushed into a brand new world of too much freedom and decadence. He eventually finds himself a prisoner to addiction and all it involves. He hooks up with a girl and they use each other as a crutch for continuing down a path of destruction. This too is something I’ve experienced in my life and as Johnny did in American Idiot, one must decide when enough is enough and commit to a better way of life.

Again, the music plays the most important part of the show. The songs which I truly love in American Idiot are “When It’s Time”, “21 Guns” and “Wake Me up When September Ends”. The lyrics in “when It’s Time” go straight to my heart every time. Some of them go as follows:

“I feel lonely for
All the losers that will never take the time to say
What was really on their mind instead they just hide away%u2026We are all born in a world of doubt
And there’s no doubt
I figured out
I love you”.

Priscilla: Queen of the Desert

Priscilla: Queen of the Desert was my first official Broadway Musical. I went to New York City last May and appropriately went to see one of the gayest musicals out there today. Being gay myself, I loved every second of it. It was gay heaven! This musical is a celebration from start to finish, full of musical renditions of many dance classics from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. The icing on the cake for me was that they sing a couple songs from Madonna, and anyone who knows me knows I’m a bit obsessed with Madonna. It’s a healthy obsession. Priscilla is about three guys in Australia who take an adventure on a bus they nickname “Priscilla”. This musical is based on the movie “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”.

The character I relate to most in the show would have to be Tick. He is taking the bus trip as a favor to his ex-wife who needs an act for her business, located in a distant city in Australia. Tick is a drag queen and asks a couple of his friends to join him for the trip. Tick is a bit apprehensive about arriving at the gig, due to him having a Son with his ex and his Son doesn’t know of him or that he’s gay. Nor does he know he’s a drag queen on top of it all. Although, I am and have never been a drag queen, I do have children. As a gay man you often have reservation on how your children feel about you being gay. Also, I do know what it is like to have a child not in your life as well. Yes, I know I said this show was a celebration and it is. It just has some touching moments as well, such as in life-right?

If you are looking for a fun night out with good laughs, great visuals and loads of music that everyone can sing along, then Priscilla definitely is the show for you. I don’t know anyone that could leave the theatre after seeing this show and not have a smile on their face. This is one of those musicals that I will be planning on going to see as many times as I am able. As all the other wonderful musicals on my list, this one is imprinted within my mind and I look forward to more years of reconnecting with Priscilla over and over.

Starlight Express Roller Skates Musical Theatre

Starlight Express Roller Skates Musical Theatre

the first musical ever to be staged on roller skates

Starlight Express has to be one of my most favourite musical theatre shows. I first saw Starlight Express in London in the 1980s and have seen it a couple of times. The most striking aspect of this musical theatre production is that it is set, as many people know, with characters (who play railway engines and rolling stock) on roller skates. The actors speed their way around the stage and the audience in a dramatic and lively production that is supported with some great tunes. It was originated by impresario and composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyricist Richard Stilgoe

The story is based on the dream of child in which his toy train set comes to life. It is essentially a love story with Cinderella like overtones. Originally Andrew LLoyd Webber wanted to do a version of the children’s stories of Thomas The Tank Engine by Rev. W. Awdry, however that never happened. I really like the main theme song Starlight Express, although my favourite song is There’s Me sung by the character C.B. When I took my young sons to see it they really liked the dramatic image and character Elektra the electric train.

The original show ran on the London’s West end for 7461 performances and it has been performed on Broadway too. The production has evolved over the years with songs being added and dropped. 1992 saw the launch of The New Starlight Express which cut 12 original songs added five. One the ‘losses’ was my favourite song and also the characters C.B and Belle. By 2008 the show was very different from the original. For fans of all versions there is the excellent Theatre Starlight Express section.

Starlight Express

Starlight Express


Equus with Daniel Radcliffe

Equus with Daniel Radcliffe

Equus – starring Daniel Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths.

Equus the Play has been a hot topic of discussion amongst the theatre community for a long time.

In the Fall 2008, Broadway was graced by Harry Potter stars, Daniel Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths. They starred in the West End, sell out transfer, of Peter Shaffer’s Equus at The Broadhurst Theatre, NYC.

In this article you will find opinion of Equus the play, Equus reviews, and interviews with the stars of Equus, as well as how to get your hands on a copy of Equus the film, as well as the Equus play script and the Equus study guide.

Equus Theatre Poster, featuring Daniel Radcliffe

Isn’t it beautiful?

So, What Did I Think of Daniel Radcliffe in Equus?

honest, I thought it was alright, but I wanted more from Radcliffe. I saw the second preview, so his performance was still finding it’s feet (there was a rather embarrasment moment at the end, where Richard Griffiths had to show him how to bow!)

I really wanted to love this show, as I was in a production of it with a theatre company a few years previously, but I was left with a strange taste in my mouth. I couldn’t help feeling that there are better actors out there who could take on the role. Radcliffe was, for me, just OK. He didn’t have enough diversity in his performance, the only diversity was in his vocal projection – quiet, loud, or shouting. Richard Griffiths was superb, as I had hoped. The production as a whole was ‘revived’ from it’s original conception in the 70s, recreating the wired horse masks, as using a minimalistic set.

This show has created huge controversy, primarily due to one scene in Equus that sees Daniel Radcliffe nude, completely starkers, naked, no clothes, nada (and we’re not talking just shirtless either)…yes, gasp you might!

Daniel Radcliffe gets nude on stage

…or Harry Potter Gets His Wand Out

seeing Radcliffe’s disappointingly bland and shouty performance, I couldn’t help feeling that it was stunt casting that gave him the part. Having a name like, Daniel Radcliffe, in a lead role that goes fully naked on stage, is a guaranteed sell out. Who isn’t interested to see whether or not he actually takes his clothes off?

I find something awkward about it. I don’t know why. I’m not a prude by any means. I only find it distasteful because Radcliffe is so strongly associated with Harry Potter – an icon of children’s literature. Millions of children look up to him and adore him…and in the late 2000′s he was still a teenager and is appeared naked infront of hundreds of people. It’s just, I don’t know, kinda weird.

I suppose I also wouldn’t mind so much, if it wasn’t the topic of conversation every time someone talks about the show. If there’s a publicity shot for the show, it’s of Radcliffe topless. No one stops and talks to him about the fundamental issues of playing a young teenage character growing up and needing psychiatric care. No one talks about the interesting stage design or the beautiful horse masks. All people seem to care about is Daniel Radcliffe getting taking his clothes off and showing everyone his wand, so to speak.

Is Daniel Radcliffe Right For The Part?

Is it stunt casting? Are there better actors out there? Is Radcliffe too associated with Children’s Literature to go naked on stage?

Is Daniel Radcliffe right for the part of Alan Strang?

Alan Strang (Radcliffe)

Equus Synopsis and Study notes
*may contain spoilers*
Equus tells the story of a troubled stable lad, Alan Strang, who has an unusual relationship with his horses. Worshipping his god, Equus, it all seems relatively harmless. Then interactions with the stable girl, Jill, takes a course of action that leads him to be submitted to a psychiatric care. Persuaded by his life long confident, Dr. Martin Dysart, child psychologist, takes on the boy and begins to unravel what happened, and what led him to brutally attack and blind six horses with a metal spike – all the time dealing with his own demons.

Originally opening as a play in the 1970s, starring Anthony Hopkins as Dysart, Equus has gone on to marvel audiences and inspire discussion. Amazon currently stock a study guide to Peter Shaffer’s
Equus as a digital download.many
universities and drama departments study the text and play, as it raises interesting debate about the nature of theatre and rituals, as well as innocence and loss. An intriguing set of characters guide us through this troublesome story. Questions are raised about identity, religion and sex. How did a teenage boy become so ensnared in a faith, to the extent that his staunch beliefs would give him such powerful feelings of guilt and shame, that would lead him to attempt destroying his very own god. Emotionally charged, gripping and captivating. An extraordinary play that will stay with you, even after you’ve left the theatre.

Want to Know More About Daniel Radcliffe?

What other theatre has Daniel Radcliffe been doing since Equus?
Since Equus, Daniel Radcliffe has been busy! Not only did he have to finish off the Harry Potter films, but he has gained a few more theatrical accolades under his belt.

He went to Broadway and starred in the musical How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. The musical was a super hit and went down very well with critics.

In the middle of 2013, he then went to star in The Cripple on Inishmaan as part of the Michael Grandage season at the Noel Coward theatre, London. Another challenging role, not only by virtue of having to perfect an Irish accent, but also because he had to play his role with half his body contorted into a cripple-like stance. I saw it in June, and it was excellent!
What are the Twitterati saying about Equus?

Alan and Gill, the Stable Girl

This is the prelude to Daniel Radcliffe’s controversial sex scene that-never-actually-happens in Equus

Cool Gifts For Theater Lovers!

Cool Gifts For Theater Lovers!

I Created a Theater Gift Shop on Zazzle to Raise Money for my Local Community Theaters!

I’ve been tinkering around with this Squidoo thing for a while now, and I am proud to say I finally have something I am excited to create a lens about! A while back, I decided my love for all things theater must not and cannot be contained any longer.

To this end, I have declared war on my “cubicle”, where I spend 40 hours per week. I am secretly developing plans to escape the cubicle and pursue my passion for theater full-time. This is going to take some money. So, among other top-secret missions, I have created an online store where I am selling gifts for theater lovers.

My shop is on Zazzle, a wonderful place where creative people can invent clever designs and have them professionally printed on hundreds of different products! With my store on Zazzle, all I have to do is create, and they handle the advertising, printing, shipping, payment, and customer service! I am loving it!

After I had spent a a little time building my store, I decided I wanted to share in my profits to help support two of my favorite local non-profit community theaters! So I am donating an equal split of a total of 20% of my royalties to Carrollwood Players Theatre in Tampa, Florida and The Manatee Players in Bradenton, Florida!

Help me escape the cubicle and help me support these two fantastic community theaters by visiting my online store!


My Online Theater Gift Shop

Here are some links to my online theater gift shop and some of the cool products I am hoping to sell. Every item purchased brings me a little closer to escaping from the cubicle and also helps out two wonderful community theater groups. Oh, and I have included links to THEIR websites, too. Hope you’ll check them out!


The place to find gifts for that theater-lover in your life! T-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, hats, mugs, magnets, key chains, baby clothes, pet clothes, pet bowls, buttons, stickers, bumper stickers, greeting cards, note cards, invitations, calendars, mouse pads, pillows, neckties, necklaces, ornaments, place mats, napkins, stationery, stamps, real postage, water bottles, candy jars, cases for iphones and ipads and ipods, laptop and macbook sleeves, tote bags, messenger bags, plates, photo sculptures, skateboards, notebooks, binders, note pads, envelopes and much more!

Carrollwood Players Theatre
Carrollwood Players Theatre is one of the two community theaters I am donating part of my Zazzle royalties to. Check them out, they are a great organization. If you’re in the area, stop by and see a show!

The Manatee Players
The Manatee Players is one of the two community theaters I am donating part of my Zazzle royalties to. I got my start in theater here! If you’re in the area, stop by and see a show!

Open a Zazzle Store to Raise Money for YOUR theater!

Shakespeare is a great place to start for product ideas! Looking for a great fundraiser idea to help support YOUR local not-for-profit theater group? OPEN A STORE ON ZAZZLE! There is no cost to open your own online store and the potential for earnings is only limited by your imagination! You could even form a Zazzle Committee and work as a group to come up with great ideas to put on the quality merchandise Zazzle offers. How about taking some photos from your season and making a calendar, or mugs, or t-shirts that your theater members and fans can buy? What a great way to be creative, have fun, and support your theater! What are you waiting for?