Ravenna Table Easel with Drawer

Table Top Easel

If you are a part time artist or even a full time artist with limited painting space, I can’t think of a better idea than buying one of these compact, portable table top easels.

This compact artists easel is a great choice for any artist that is looking for a convenient and easy to way to store their art supplies!

If you are like many artists, your work space is also part of your living area. This easel is an easy way to help keep your artistic hobby from over running your living area.

If you have a family and like to work at home, keeping your artwork stored away safe, especially if you have children around, may be the best way to protect your work in progress.

I also like the idea that it’s portable and this makes it so easy to take your art materials wherever you fancy. A portable easel makes it easy to take on trips and work on your artwork outdoors. This portable unit is also humbly priced making it easy to afford even for struggling artists.

When I was in high school, my plan was to go to art school after graduation. My sister’s girlfriend had some family issues and she came to live with us for a few months. She also was forced to drop out of her art classes. She was trying to raise some money and she sold her portable wooden drawing board to my parents for me.

I loved that drawing board. It folded up like these portable easels. I had a place to keep my pictures, erasers and pencils. I’d set it up in the living room or bedroom and it was so handy. Gotta leave the house – fold it up and you’re done. Like most teens, I was lazy so that was important.

If you are forced to store away your artist’s materials when not in use, a portable table top easel such as the Ravenna is an excellent choice!

Tabletop Easel

Storage for Paining Supplies This artist’s easel has a roomy drawer for storing paint brushes, paints, and other drawing materials. The one drawer has multiple dividers to keep everything separated.

This easel is not lacking in craftsmanship. The Ravenna table easel is sturdy and strong and built with quality wood but yet is light and easy to carry.

Another feature that customers liked was the ability to choose an angle for the board. Use it in a flat position or with a steep incline.

This particular portable model is also a great way to introduce an artistically talented child to new supplies and art forms. It’s not a large investment but a young artist will be thrilled with an adult like tool to experiment with.

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