The Apple Girl, My Photography Challenge

Combining Cuteness and Mystery

Another assignment for my photography class. This assignment is to take a set of pictures involving a model with a particular object. There should be only one kind of object in the photo, and there should be a feeling of connection between the subject and the object that she has.

In this article, I want to upload some of my works that I created in order to complete this assignmet. I was given pretty tight deadline, only less than a week to submit my work. At that time, I was completely overwhelmed with my other works. Thankfully, I was able to find a free time just three day before the deadline of the submission. I contacted the model, rented a room for photoshoot, and spent one full day to complete this assignment. Hope you would enjoy them. Any comments and feedback are welcomed.

The idea of the photoshoot

As I said before, I was overwhelmed with my other works and I thought that I wouldn’t be able to meet the deadline of this assignment. I was pretty happy when I managed to finish all of my other works so that I had one free day to do this photo shoot. As for the idea, I found it in my little sister story book, about a girl who spends her whole day playing with a red apple. Based on that idea, I created some photos in this article.

One thing that came up in my mind before the photo shoot. It has to be simple, yet meaningful. I thought apple would be the most suitable object, as it symbolizes a lot of things, such as happiness, love, and hope. In my country, a red apple is even considered as a lucky charm that will bring you fortune and joy.

For this project, I would like to imply the feeling of innocence. The photos should be able to radiate cuteness and innocence, both from the model and the object. However, I didn’t want to make it merely as a showcase of cuteness. I want to add some mysterious feelings and enigma in each of the picture.

I spent much time in planning the concept. The execution process took even longer time. I clicked my shutter buttons hundreds of time before getting the shoot that I really wanted. Among those of hundred pictures, I edited ten of them and submitted as my assignment.

In order to enhance the feelings of innocence and cuteness, I decided to decrease the clarity level of the photos in post-processing stage. I also soften the color so that it looks more artistic. Compared to my other works, I spent relatively longer time to work on this project, about three hours before completing the whole post processing stage. I managed to submit this assignment before the deadline, I once again I was pretty relieved to get beyond pass marks for this work.

Apart from this theme, I also managed to create other five sets of photos from this photo shoot. I’d like to share some of them in Squidoo whenever I have the time.

Some tips to help you finding good concepts in photography

Concept is also an important thing
Photography is not only about technical aspects. It is also about concepts and ideas. Sometimes, those ideas play more important role rather than the physical qualities of the photos. Thus, if you want to take great set of pictures, be sure to prepare a good concept. Note down any idea that you have in mind on a piece of paper. Try to select which one is the best, and correlate it with your resources. What I meant with the resources are your subject, your camera, and of course your skill as a photographer.

Discuss with your friends
Sometimes you may find a state where you can’t find any good concept at all. When this thing happen, it is the time to stop thinking and go outside. Have a nice time with your friends, and don’t hesitate to ask for their help, directly or indirectly. I personally find that having a casual chat with my friends in Starbucks can be a great source of inspiration. Listen to their story, their experience, and you might intentionally find a good idea for your photo shoots.

Meditation and relaxation is another great way to find idea. The key of this method is to relax yourself, sit comfortably, and try to focus your mind on one thing. Breathe slowly, and don’t be stressed. Think as if you are in the middle of a jungle with no one around. I usually find that my mind becomes sharper after this meditation session and it is easier for me to find a good, fresh idea for my photography works.

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