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Make, Buy or Build a Gaston Costume for Beauty and the Beast

Are you playing Gaston in an upcoming production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast? If you’re looking for a stage costume for Gaston or even a Halloween costume or party costume, this article will tell you all you need to know about making, buying or renting a Gaston Costume for Beauty and the Beast. Headwear, vests, boot toppers and more will all be explained and highlighted.

How to Take Measurements

Great costumes start with accurate measurements!
Before you get started, check out this lens on taking proper body measurements. (Right click to open in a new window and easily keep your place here at your costuming article!)

Gaston Hat

In the show, it’s rare to see Gaston costumed with headwear or hats. If your director insists that Gaston wear a hat in the show, he could most likely wear a tricorn hat, perhaps in the mob scenes. You could go with a fancier hat or you could do a leather look tricorn hat (like a pirate style hat) to show his rugged outdoorsiness.

Other Beauty and the Beast Costumes

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This lens is a lens branched off of a larger article I wrote called “Costumes for Beauty and the Beast on a Budget”. There’s info there on how to decide whether to buy rent or build your costumes and links to all the other Beauty and the Beast costuming lenses I have.

Gaston’s Costume Pieces

Pants, Shirt and Vest
Gaston is really one of the easiest characters to costume in Beauty and the Beast. My favorite costume supplier for his pieces is Alexanders costumes, and they are available through Amazon. The long renaissance lace up vest for men that they have is a great quality and will definately last through all your performances, I’d say the same of their renaissance shirts. When I worked at a rental shop, we’d purchase these items and they held up for a rental business just great. The look is also spot on.

The pants should be a black stretchy pant (stirrups stay on the best) with boot toppers over the top.

Movies Set in this Time Period

From Amazon
Sometimes a great way to get some additional research in on a time period or a character is to watch some movies. You can get some great visuals on what period costumes look like. Plus, it’s fun!

Gaston on Broadway

Hugh Jackman in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast as Gaston

Gaston’s Boots

Again, a simple solution for this costume is available. I really recommend boot toppers for Gaston. You can choose how tall the boots are, but I’d recommend a wide cuff on the top of the boot toppers. Not sure what a “boot topper” is? It’s the boot without the sole, worn over a shoe of the same color. This is a great option because you can reuse the costume piece again with another actor even if their shoe size is different. It also keeps the price way down because you’re only paying for the “topper” and not the sole etc. Love these. Again, I prefer Alexanders brands.

Gaston Accessories

The only accessory I think is really great to add a little flair to a Gaston costume is some arm gauntlets. These can be made with some imitation leather, or you can purchase some lace up versions online. The gauntlets are worn over the base of the sleeve like a leather cuff. They look sort of tough and balance out the look.

Thinking of Renting?

Here’s some advice before you sign the papers
If you’ve read through this lens and you’re thinking maybe you’d rather rent a costume instead of making one or buying one online. That’s cool. Here’s some information I wrote on questions to ask before renting theatrical costumes. I worked for nine years as a costume rental shop manager for a shop that specialized in theatrical show costumes.

I’m also including a link to a lens I wrote with links to theatrical costume rental shops across the country. You can vote them up or down if you’ve used one or more of them, and also leave comments about the service, quality and selection.

Gaston Hair

Gaston traditionally is seen with dark hair in a pony tail. Because the movie is so popular, usually many directors don’t deviate from the look in the movie, even down to the hair. A dark brown or black deluxe men’s colonial wig (usually from Lacey wigs) does the job quite well. Here are a couple of options. The use of a wig is always more complicated than wearing your own hair, but it’s a good option to complete the look folks are expecting if they’re familiar with the cartoon.

Washing and Caring for Costume Wigs

If you choose to use a wig, check out this article!
Here’s a detailed lens about washing and caring for costume quality wigs. If you’re using costume wigs in your theatrical production, you’ll want to check it out!


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