Guide to Gemstone Mind, Body and Spirit Properties

When I was preparing to start my jewelry-making business, I did a lot of research on the mind, body and spirt properties of gemstones. My interest in this topic started during some history classes I took in college. Of particular interest to me in my studies were historic, ritual and ethnic jewelry traditions.

I’ve noticed that many jewelry designers still reference mind/body/spirit properties of gemstones in their jewelry descriptions. Here’s a recap of the information on many gemstones I have accumulated during the past fifteen years:

Disclaimer: The following information is based on my research in gemstone myth and legend and is for entertainment purposes only.

Blue Lace Agate

There are numerous types of agate – distinguishable by color – for example Black Agate is protective and Blue Agate promotes peace and happiness.

Blue Lace Agate has a gentle, soft energy and is carried for peace and happiness. Blue Lace Agate can help to ease internal repressed energy. When surrounded with lit light blue candles it calms the atmosphere and reduces quarrels in the home or workplace.

Some extra info: Energy – Receptive: Essential Element – Water; Chakra – Throat and Root.


Amethyst is a vibrant red-violet crystal. It is a stone of love, spirituality and contentment. It has absolutely no negative side effects and it is very useful for focusing in meditation. A piece of Amethyst placed before a white candle with Pine incense burning is very conductive to meditative practices.

Amethyst is the stone that possesses the strongest spiritual energy. Amethyst stimulates the intellectual side of your life – because it increases activity of right-side brain. Amethyst is used for psychic awareness as well as promoting sleep and intuitive dreams.

Some extra info: Energy – Receptive; Essential Element – Water; Zodiacal stone for Aquarius; Amethyst numerically is a 1; Chakra – Third Eye (Brow) and Crown.


One of my favorite gemstones, aquamarine is a transparent blue to sea-green crystal. In magic this beautiful stone is carried to enhance psychic powers. It is a cleansing and purifying stone.

Aquamarine is used to sooth and to calm emotional problems. It is also excellent for energizing the immune system.. It is a stone of tolerance, clarity of mind and perception – therefore an excellent crystal for meditation. Because of its association with water, aquamarines are good luck for those traveling by or over water.

The most highly desired of all aquamarines is an intense true blue with no green. Most natural aquamarine is a bluish/green color that is then heated to remove the green. In natural stones this blue shading can range from a dark, sapphire blue to a beautiful light sky blue.

Some additional information: Energy – Receptive; Essential Element – Water; Aquamarine is the alternate zodiacal stone for Pisces; Aquamarine is a 1 – the numeral of beginnings; Chakra – Throat.


Aventurine is an all around lucky stone. Therefore, it is a popular gambler’s talisman. Aventurine is also good for creativity and intuition. Wear aventurine with any other stone to attract success in that endeavor. Since it is a green stone is it a stone of balance and peace and is useful in calming troubled emotions. Some additional information: Energy – Projective; Essential Element – Air; Chakra – Heart and Solar Plexus.


A solid green or green with red flecks stone. It is one of the varieties of quartz labeled chalcedony. It is an electromagnetic stone. Ancient Egyptians wore it in thumb rings to calm, ground and revitalize. Early Christians wore engraved bloodstone amulets, which to the initiated denoted one of Christ’s followers. Women used to wear it to prevent miscarriage and ease childbirth.

Some additional information: Energy – Projective; Essential Element – Fire; Zodiacal for Pisces; Bloodstone is a numeral 4; Chakra – Root (Base).


Citrine is a beautiful golden/clear glassy variety of quartz. Citrine is invaluable as a healing crystal. It is also helpful for psychic awareness, self-confidence, security, dispelling fear & anxieties, promotes physical endurance and mental clarity. Therefore, Citrine increases a sense of direction in life. It is also known as a “Merchants Stone” – placing citrine in ones’ cash register has produced more income for the merchant..

Some additional information: Energy – Projective; Essential Element – Fire; It is an alternate Zodiacal stone for Scorpio; Numerological, Citrine is a 6; Chakra – Solar Plexus – the home of personal power.

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