ool Floating Coolers To Keep Drinks Cool-Playing or Swimming

Pool Floating Coolers for Cold Drinks

Pool floating coolers have become very popular over the last few years. I know we love ours and use it every time we go for a swim. I put cold drinks and snack in it to keep the chilled while I swim or float around on my chair. I also take it out with me when we swim in the river by our summer camp. Every one enjoys a cold drink while we play in the hot sun.

Since the cooler floats it can be easily attached to your inflatable chair while float in your pool and relax. I sometimes use mine when we are having a party as an extra cooler on the table. It keep everything cold and is also very decorative. The kids like to take it with them while they swim and play games. I like it when they do because they don’t have to come back into the house with wet feet every time the want something cold.

My husband and I like to have the neighbor over up at the cottage and we use the floating cooler when we swim. He likes to keep it filled with adult beverage to share with his buddies. Some days they play beach volleyball and keep the cooler in the water near where they play. I am planning to buy another one to give as a gift to my cousin. She was so excited when she saw our I knew it would be a great gift for her. An inflatable cooler allows you to keep you drinks nearby when you are in the water. Since my cousin is a swimmer and lives in her pool I am sure that a beer cooler will make the perfect gift. The coolers floats in the water and beverages are served in the pool.

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