Markers And Sketch Pads For Teens

Choosing the Right Markers and Sketch Pads for Teenagers

These Markers And Sketch Pads For Teens have been handpicked to include the best quality, most popular, top rated and best selling styles for you to choose from.

The basics will get you started in drawing with markers (copic, permanent, anime, manga, and more). Watch the drawing lessons and videos showing step by step drawing instruction and techniques. Discover the best selection of markers and sketch pads (sketch books) that your teen artist will love.

Featured: Bee Paper Bleedproof Marker Pad, 8-1/2-Inch by 11-Inch

COPIC Manga Wallet Set B- 24 Sketch Markers in a Travel Wallet

Good for teens to carry with them in a backpack or purse
This is a great little wallet that teens will love – there is a wide range of colors, 24 in total, that are a great start for young artists. The handy wallet means they are easy to carry. These markers are alcohol based, acid free markers that are non toxic. They can be used with the Copic air brush for the adventurous. These are best used with Copic marker paper.

Letraset Pro Marker Comic Art Set 2, Twin-Tip, 10-Pack

Good for Manga drawing or any animated cartooning
When buying markers in the ‘set series’ look at each set and evaluate how important the items in each set are to the overall project you are working on. In most cases you will find each set has a varied purpose. And, the primary reason each set is sold separately is because they are used more or less often. The rule of thumb then is to buy one of each and then replace each as they run low.

More Magic Markers

suggested basic sets
Included in this section are suggested basic sets your teenager will need depending on their art styles and preferences.

For any type of drawing there is a basic requirement for markers or colored pencils for skin tones like the ones here. A blending kit is essential and from there you can add on additional supplies depending on their art work. For example comic artists will prefer vibrant tones like those provided by the Letraset Pro comic markers while manga artists will need the more subtle colors provided by specific manga markers.

Our choices are based on the best value and best quality marker pens that are smudge-resistant when dry, they won’t bleed into other colors but can be blended into tones and shades using duel tips and blending pens.

Of course, using the right type of paper is also essential to great results.

How important is using the right paper for marker art?

won’t any old paper serve???
The simple answer is really really important. If you pick a sketch pad on how cheap it is, you are likely to get light-weight paper that marker ink will saturate to the point colors will bleed into the paper and into other colors. Of course that is the worst case and pretty obvious but with the huge variety of papers available today it can be more than just confusing when you start out. If you consider how expensive it can be if you pick the wrong sketch pad, you’ll see how advisable it is to do a little research beforehand.

Many manufacturers make it easier by specifying on the front cover the type of art work their paper is good for. At the very least you need to target paper that is guaranteed not to bleed colors like this bleed-proof paper available on Amazon.

What to bear in mind when buying sketch pads for marker art

Because markers are alcohol based they will soak ordinary paper and bleed colors together unless the paper has been pre-coated with a solvent to prevent this.
For the same reason, unless you use the proper paper you will find your colored ink from the marker edging outward from the line you intended, the professionals call this feathering.
You want to pick a paper that will allow you to blend colors.
Pick the right paper for the right effect.

Best Bleedproof Paper For Markers

The Top Pick For Markers And Sketch Pads For Teens
If you want to go for the best paper for using with markers, go for the Copic range designed specifically for marker art. This pad holds 50 sheets of thin paper that is completely bleed-proof. This paper is designed to get the best out of alcohol based markers, the smooth surface allows for artistic blending of colors that are ideal for anime, manga and comic art.

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